Cool Story, Bro – But Honey Badger Don’t Care


Hi, I’m Jenny! I will be here to give you a crash course in Zazzle trends and culture. First up: Cool Story, Bro and Honey Badger T-Shirts.

Why are these designs running amuck throughout the Zazzle marketplace? Well, let me tell you.

“Cool Story, Bro” began as a sarcastic response to online posts and comments considered boring or trivial. It’s the internet’s way of shutting you down. Now, you can bring this insulting catchphrase to real life and shut your friends down. Finally, an outlet!

Guess who cares about you less than your friends? The honey badger, that’s who. His emerging popularity is stemmed from a YouTube video gone viral. It depicts a honey badger dangerously hunting for food. What makes this video even more appealing is its flamboyant narration. The commentator emphasizes how much the honey badger “don’t care.” He gets stung by hundreds of bees, “don’t care.” He gets bit by a cobra he’s captured, passes out from the venom, wakes up and continues eating the cobra, “don’t care.” I guess lots of Zazzlers would do the same because these shirts are hot!

Moral of this story: it’s apparently more fun not to care.

4 Responses to “Cool Story, Bro – But Honey Badger Don’t Care”

  1. Thoughtless Tease Says:

    Chiweenie don’t care either

  2. MGdezigns Says:

    cool story bro! ;) and i DO care!
    thx for telling us whats trending! here are mine
    Honey Badger Don’t Care tees!

  3. Personalized Gifts Idea Blog Says:

    Everyone in my office always says “cool story bro” whenever anyone tells a story.

  4. Honey Badger Politican Says:

    I was wondering what all the fuss over the honey badger was – thanks! I went looking for the video and don’t happen to think it’s as funny as 12 million views would lead one to believe. I’m always amazed at what goes viral. “Honey badger don’t care” reminds me of some politicians I know … . ;)

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