¡Sombreros Candidas!


3/5 are still participating in the Sombrero Challenge.

Here’s Erik doing some extra credit off site. I think he’s forgotten where the somb ends and he begins.

Lisa’s crashing a meeting with some VIPs. They don’t respect her.

And here I am blogging about this trying and ridiculous experience. I really miss headbands.

Elyse’s penalty will be held at the end of this week and, PLEASE BELIEVE, I will be video taping! Poor Elyse.

3 Responses to “¡Sombreros Candidas!”

  1. Custom Totes Says:

    Great hats. What does the winner of the challenge get. Have you decided yet?

  2. Cowboy Boots Says:

    That is crazy. I can’t imagine doing that. Especially in meetings and things. It would be very hard for people to take you seriously. It would be much easier if it was something easy like a cowboy hat or something but a sombrero is much more ridiculous.

  3. Baja Hoodies Says:

    Where’s the pinata?!

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