Biggest T-Shirt Aftershock? East Coast or West Coast Earthquake?


Yesterday, the East Coast was rocked by the strongest quake they’ve felt in over 50 years. On the West Coast, we had a much smaller quake hit in the evening of the same day (I think the Hayward Fault didn’t want to be left out of the party). Thankfully no one was hurt and precautions are being taken to ensure all buildings/structures are safe on both coasts. So which caused the biggest aftershock in the Zazzle marketplace?

Unsurprisingly, the rarity of an East Coast earthquake whipped Zazzle Sellers into a rush to design East Coast earthquake t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. In fact, the occurrence of a West Coast earthquake seems to be such common-place that no one designed a single shirt for it (any takers out there?). Check out some of my favorite shirts made after yesterday’s seismic activity.

Did you feel either earthquake? What shirt would you wear to commemorate the occasion?

5 Responses to “Biggest T-Shirt Aftershock? East Coast or West Coast Earthquake?”

  1. DBeverly Says:

    I am on the East Coast and we felt it but i would not buy any t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. Sometimes this feels like “ambulance chasing” to me, when the latest event brings on the shirts.

  2. Deb (Woodswalker) Says:

    I didn’t feel a thing, so I made a t-shirt to celebrate THAT!

  3. H. Lee Says:

    Oh, brother…..did we really need a shirt for this?

  4. HB Says:

    I’m waiting for the big one. ;)

  5. NowPower Says:

    Shakin’ Things Up:

    - Man Survives His First East Coast Earthquake:

    - Dog Survives DCquake Twitter Fest with just the shirt on his back:

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