5 New Ways to Dress Your Walls: New Custom Wall Art!


Custom wall art anyone?! Zazzle has just taken art to the next level with new professional photography prints, new wrapped canvas prints, new standard and custom framing, and a complete makeover of the posters tool. These new products feature unmatched real-time visualization and customization shown in highest level of detail. What do I mean? Try it out and see! Create a canvas print. Your image is rendered, wrapped, and texturized in real-time to give you a stunningly accurate representation of the final product. Want to make your canvas sepia? Go ahead! Black & white? No problem!

Similar to canvas, you can now see true-to-life detail on posters, photographic prints, and framing. Look at the level detail in these corner shots – stunning.

These new products combine with new content, from the Bridgeman Collection, Time Life, Danita Delimont, and more, makes this the most robust high-quality custom art offering the world over. Learn more about Zazzle’s 5 new ways to dress your walls.

5 Responses to “5 New Ways to Dress Your Walls: New Custom Wall Art!”

  1. Audrey Jeanne Roberts Says:

    AWESOME! As an artist using Zazzle’s wonderful print service in my store I am SO EXCITED with the new offerings and there’s so much more to come (hurry up Zazzle!)

    Thanks for your leadership in the industry,
    Audrey Jeanne Roberts

  2. J. Golden Says:

    I was hoping for tiling on skateboards and shoes, or actual completely new product.

  3. CrypticFragments Says:

    I think there are still a lot of glitches with the new posters/prints design tool? I don’t have an option to make a print vertical when I choose a print size, so it’s cropping most of my image out.
    Also, can not see any way to make an image black and white or sepia?

  4. whaleriders6 (@whaleriders6) Says:

    I am really enjoying designing wrapped canvas prints…awesome addition Zazzle!

  5. Jerry Lambert Says:

    who is the superhero?

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