Vote for Zazzle @ SXSW 2012


SXSW is one of the largest and most influential technology, music, and film conferences in the world.  Members of Zazzle team have long attended SXSW, but for the upcoming 2012 conference, our goal is to further cement our presence by hosting a number of influential panels.

Between March 9-18, 2012, the SXSW conference is divided between 3 specific conferences: Interactive, Music, and Film.  Each conference features compelling presentations from the brightest minds in emerging media and entertainment, scores of exciting networking events hosted by industry leaders, and panel sessions showcasing the best new websites, digital projects, wireless applications, trends in music and film, video games, and start-up ideas.  The panel discussions are submitted by those interested in participating, and the public at large is able to vote and weigh-in on the selection process.  Zazzle has submitted 3 panels listed below, and we would appreciate your help insuring that our panels are among those selected.

You can vote for us whether or not you plan to attend!  More information about the specifics of our panels is included here:

Direct links to VOTE for each panel here:

Music Panel: DIY Merch Solutions / Crowdsourcing & Contesting

Interactive Panel: Limited Edition of 1 – Collaboration in Product

Film Panel: Product Placement and Inventive Marketing in Film

More information on the PanelPicker process here:

Thank you from all of your friends at Zazzle!!

4 Responses to “Vote for Zazzle @ SXSW 2012”

  1. Chris Krystofik Says:

    My store was not uploading designs properly yesterday and the day before. Now the Site is down. Hopefully the problems will soon be fixed?

  2. Dana Says:

    What’s up with the site outage?

  3. Dana Says:

    Nevermind. Just saw the Twitter updates.

  4. Debra Schmidt (@lakeeffects) Says:

    Would love to see you guys at SXSW! Thumbs up!
    – Beachwalker

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