Custom Wall Art and Much, Much More!


Along with our big Custom Wall Art launch yesterday, we also launched several other improvements to the site. Here’s a sampling of the many changes that were made to Zazzle yesterday.

Color Filtering!
To help you easily  match art to your walls, we’ve added color filtering to Zazzle Search. Go ahead and try it (after you finish reading this blog post, of course): search for something like “fine art”. Then, on the left side of the page you’ll see this:

Click on green (or your favorite color shown there) and the search results will be filtered to shades of the color you chose. The search filter will update and similar colors will appear, allowing you to hone in on the exact shade of green you want.

And it doesn’t just work with wall art – color filtering works for any product on Zazzle.

Other Search Improvements
We made several other important changes to search:

  • Price Filtering is now available at all levels of search – previously you could only filter by price if you were searching within a department. This will enable you to always find products in the best price range for you.
  • Related Searches shows similar search terms to try.
  • Search Suggestions show up as you type in the search box.
  • Spell Checking corrects your spelling during search.

We’re constantly striving to improve our search results so expect all of the above and more to improve over time.

Screen Printing Improvements.
Have you ever tried to make Screen Printed T-shirts for your group on Zazzle? While we think we have the easiest screen printing purchase process in the business, there is always room for improvement. We made several usability improvements to screen printing. Among other changes, we simplified the process of converting your image to a smaller number of colors appropriate for screen printing.

Next time you need shirts for a group of people try out Zazzle Screen Printing!

Seller Features
And for you sellers out there, stay tuned – later this afternoon I’ll post about all the seller features we launched yesterday.

5 Responses to “Custom Wall Art and Much, Much More!”

  1. Christian Says:

    Whats going on with the site? You don’t usually see Scheduled Maintenance going one during peak hours?

  2. Patty Warner Says:

    Nice features, but always remember the old adage “your couch should never match your art”…so – when will Zazzle be up and running again?

    • Noadi Says:

      No it shouldn’t, however using small touches that have matching colors works. For example having throw pillows that use the same shade of red as in a painting, especially if the rest of the room is in more muted colors.

  3. g2-48dd5caf815c38e6d00e9b6eeff8aebd Says:

    awesome Zazzle
    check out all of the art prints at Reflekshins

  4. Cherie Says:

    Woohoo!! Love it when you guys change things up and get us all ‘riled’ up and such!! ;)

    Keep up the great WORK! Thanks Zazzle!

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