New Seller Features!


Earlier today I posted about new features for Zazzle customers, now I will share the new seller features we launched yesterday.

Image Search

It has long been requested, and now you have it – My Images Search! Go to My Account – Images, and try it out.

Zazzle Departments and Product Filtering in your Stores
Ever get annoyed because the product filter in your store showed all the products Zazzle offered, instead of just the products in your store? That annoyed us too, so we changed it. Stores now use the same Departments filtering as Zazzle search so your customers can easily see what products you offer and navigate to them.

Additionally, you may now choose to display either three or four products per row in your store.

You can enable the above features in your Store Content page in My Account.

And, last but not least, have you ever wanted a single page that links straight to every design tool that Zazzle offers? Us too – so we built it, try out the All Products Page for Sellers. You’ll want to bookmark this one.

Hope you enjoy the new features!

10 Responses to “New Seller Features!”

  1. expressyoursoul (@expressyoursoul) Says:

    Once again, you guys have knocked it out of the park! Wonderful new tools! Way to go, Zazzle! :)

  2. alrioart Says:

    “Ever get annoyed because the product filter in your store showed all the products Zazzle offered, instead of just the products in your store? That annoyed us too, so we changed it. Stores now use the same Departments filtering as Zazzle search so your customers can easily see what products you offer and navigate to them.”

    But it shouldn’t appear on my page if I don’t want it to.
    Is there a way to “hide” these “departments” (which are *less direct* than just filtering out the categories with 0 products)?

    If so, post to the forum the fix. Many people want to know.

  3. Lynn-Marie Says:

    All great stuff. Thanks so much for listening and thinking of us. :)

  4. Kathleen Stuart Says:

    I think the idea is great, but many of my creations are being left out of the department categories. For example, when I go to my store and click on the poster category, I only see some of my posters. Some of the ones I like the best don’t show up. This actually hurts more than it helps.

  5. D.B. Says:

    Hello Mike, Great improvements all around. I noticed the “Drop down product” menu feature above products is gone. This change makes it difficult for customers to find a design on a certain product type.

    For store owners that have multiple sub catagories based on a design (ie. Flower catagory- 10 sub catagories of Flower types- each Flower design on multiple products) it makes it extremely hard for the customer to find a certain type of product with that design. They either have to go through every page to find a certain product or scroll way up to the top of the page. The drop down menu made that much easier. Without it a customer may need to scroll back up the page 1/2 a foot or more to choose from the new Product catagories.. If they even remember its there.

    Please bring back the drop down menu. Without it I and im sure many others have lost a vital part of customer navigation. At the very least please make it an option for store owners to add. Thank you Mike.

  6. An Infinitude of Tortoises Says:

    Some good innovations here, certainly, but I have a few issues:

    1. The presence of the “Departments” and “Design Options” sections in the sidebar should be made (separately) optional. And ideally, their placement relative to other elements should be configurable.

    2. Evidently the “see on 50 styles” feature was added to the “Top Picks” display, whether or not it’s selected via the “Product grid display” options. I noticed that because there’s a bug in it: if the product-name caption exceeds one line, you see only the top few pixels of the phrase “see on 50 styles” below that! Not very esthetically pleasing. I thought I could fix in by adding a few more lines to my store description, pushing the “Today’s picks” caption further down, but it had no effect. Obviously this should be fixed, but perhaps making the feature optional there, too, would be a good idea.

    3. One good thing that came out of the “Design Options” options feature (even though I’d like to remove it) was alerting me to the fact that I had a couple customizable products that I didn’t want customizable. I took care of that, but the section still reads “Customizable (1)”, even though when I click on that link I get a page with no products listed. Something buggy in there somewhere.

  7. buffaloworks Says:

    I would love to check out the new features, but have been unable to log into the account since the initial shutdown. I received one reply to my first contact email and nothing since. Can see new features or work on the shop. Boo, Zazzle.

  8. An Infinitude of Tortoises Says:

    Update: The status of my issue #3, above, has changed — perhaps due to a delayed response in my edits being universally assimilated in the Zazzle system. What I see now is no “Design Options” section but instead two consecutive sets of double horizontal rules, indicating where “Design Options” used to be. Looks to me like another bug: if the criteria to display “Design Options” aren’t met and thus the section should be automatically omitted, the preceding rules should be included in the omission.

  9. An Infinitude of Tortoises Says:

    Also, why are we — we sellers — no longer given the option to customize our own finished products? The “Customize” button has disappeared. I certainly hope this isn’t among the new “features”!

  10. Marian Cates Says:

    I’ve been on vacation for a month, so sorry to be so slow to comment. L-O-V-E the option to show 4 products per line in the shop. Then the customer doesn’t have to go through many pages to see all the products with a given design on them. And it’s wonderful that the customer can see the cost of the product on the top-layer screen. Maybe for products that include a range of options, for instance different tee designs at different prices, it might be good to list the price range, as in $18-30. The customer will click to see the $18 product, then see the various options. As of yesterday, the “See XX styles link” took me to a gifts page with other people’s products on it, so naturally I haven’t used it yet. I’m sure you’re still working out the bugs. I’m sure I speak for the majority of sellers when I say that your continual improving of Zazzle is much appreciated.

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