Don’t Forget To Enter Zazzle’s $100,000 Canvas Giveaway!


Zazzle’s crazy $100,000 Wrapped Canvas Giveaway has been up for a week now! Don’t miss your chance to win a FREE 8×10 custom gallery wrapped canvas print! Don’t keep all the excitement to yourself… share with your friends and post the giveaway to your Facebook profile wall! What image would you use if you won a free wrapped canvas? We want to hear from you, so leave a comment below or on our Facebook wall!

5 Responses to “Don’t Forget To Enter Zazzle’s $100,000 Canvas Giveaway!”

  1. Cherie's Art Says:

    WOW! THIS IS SUPER COOL! I’d love to win a canvas wrapped print, or four!

    Going over to put my idea in at Facebook now!

    Thanks Zazzle,

  2. Ted Says:

    i got “BIG WALLS” in my office. Sign me up!!!!…….Zazzle powered!

    but remember, “Dog Art Shoes are for people, silly human!”

  3. Damen Roy Says:

    I love these contest!

  4. rolandalexis Says:

    let me know when i win something

  5. rolandalexis Says:

    please enter me in the drawing zazzle give away let me know when i win

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