Zazzle Featured Seller Interview with RollyCrump


New Zazzler Rolly, from the Zazzle store RollyCrump, talks about what it was like being a Disney Imagineer, and what he’s looking forward to doing on Zazzle.  Check out the interview below and don’t forget to check out his store RollyCrump!

Rolly Crump Beatnik Poster

Zazzle: What’s your inspiration for your designs?

Rolly: My imagination. I’ve always had a very vivid imagination.

Zazzle: How has working for Disney influenced your style as an artist?

Rolly: Disney was one of many influences, along with all the artist gods and goddesses whose work, style and colors I have just loved over the years.

Zazzle: What has been your favorite design you’ve created, and why?

Rolly: The Tower of the Four Winds at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, because it was totally my design.  I usually worked in partnership with Walt Disney, so it was wonderful to create this fantastic project on my own.

Rolly Crump Day of the Dead Circus Poster

Zazzle: Being a newer seller on Zazzle, what are you looking forward to the most?

Rolly: Being able to share my art with people who appreciate it.

Zazzle: What is your favorite Zazzle product to create?

Rolly: I really like creating posters.

Zazzle: What got you interested in selling your art on Zazzle?

Rolly: I love Zazzle’s concept, and I feel my art lends itself well to the many types of unique, cool products.

Zazzle: What tips can you give someone who is just starting out on Zazzle?

Rolly: Be true to your art, and don’t give up!

Thanks Rolly!

2 Responses to “Zazzle Featured Seller Interview with RollyCrump”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Welcome to Zazzle, Rolly! I really dig your folk music poster.

  2. Maria.G Says:

    amazing unique artwork!

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