Author Interview with Sibyl White


Zazzle has recently been mentioned in the new book, How to Ditch the Corporate World and Rock Your Own, by Sibyl White; a collaborative piece centered around personal success and creative entrepreneurship. It provides resources for discovering passion, eliminating fear, and finding inspiration. Check out our interview with Sibyl White below to learn more about her book and how Zazzle offers value to start-up businesses.

Please describe your new book. Why did you feel compelled to write it?

My book is in an interview format and I asked “everyday” business owners to share how they started their business, challenges they faced, successes they’ve had, and tips and resources they would offer to others in the start-up phase. My main goal was to help those at a crossroads in their career; to rock their own world, follow their own path.  Most of the participants have free info on their sites or offer a free e-book to help others as well.

I’ve worked for large corporations like the headquarters for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Disney Studios and Dreamworks.  I’ve also spent 12 years working for start-ups, most folded.  I’ve certainly been laid off more than once, but I learned a lot from each and every company and wanted to use that experience to help others.

How has your corporate experience affected your outlook on running a business?

The large corporations I’ve worked for are well known and have been around for a while, but they didn’t start that way.  Mary Kay started making cosmetics in her home.  Before Disneyland, Walt Disney was once told he had no imagination.  They listened to their heart and became very good at what they did and then the companies grew into the giants they are today.  I learned, be great at what you do first, growth will follow.

While working for some of the start-ups in the 90s, I think ego got in the way at times.  Some were run with the mentality of being “first in the space” being everything, even at the expense of customer service.  In some instances I learned what “not” to do.  Others were run by doing all the right things, and still struggled. But, persistence paid off in the end.

So my lessons learned – be great at what you do and don’t give up.

We were excited to hear you included Zazzle in your book. How did you hear about us? 

I first learned about Zazzle a while back when I was trying to find a place that offered customized promotional products where I didn’t have to buy thousands at a time.  I was looking for something simple and fast. Most small business owners don’t have the space or the extra money to buy large amounts and Zazzle offers a solution to that problem.

How do you recommend those “ditching the corporate world” use Zazzle?

Zazzle is ideal for small businesses in several different ways; to add custom promotional products to their current business; and it’s a way to start small and test the market with your own design.  If you can’t come up with your own design, hire someone and test it out.  There’s are tons of ideas on Zazzle’s website and also several in my book like the stories of I Wear Your Shirt and Zelda Wisdom.

Since I love dogs and wish I could save them all from shelters, here’s an idea.  Use your digital camera to take photos of dogs waiting for a home.  Get 5-10 good photos, put them on t-shirts, sell them with captions like “Take me home!” or “I will love you unconditionally.”  Another take on that idea, work with pet adoption events and when someone adopts, offer to take a photo of their new “baby” or with their new “baby” and sell them t-shirts or any of the many other items Zazzle offers. Perhaps $1.00 could go back to the adoption service.

The best way – think of an idea for a corporation, design it, pitch it, and sell them [the client] thousands for them to use as giveaways to their employees or customers.

There is no limit to the imagination.

Thanks for sharing with us Sibyl!

Be sure to check out her book, How to Ditch the Corporate World and Rock Your Own, on Amazon or at Barnes and Nobel locations.

3 Responses to “Author Interview with Sibyl White”

  1. abundancelovetrip Says:

    The books sounds like an interesting idea. I am thrilled that zazzle got mentioned in the book.

    Zazzle has a lot of different small business applications from buying business cards to creating a cheap way to brand your small business to sell products with your logo. I use it to brand my art.

  2. Nicole Marques Says:

    I agree that Zazzle is great for small businesses with the fine variety of products available and volume discounts. The book sounds interesting.

  3. Marian Cates Says:

    Great interview. Will have to get the book. I particularly like the idea of designing for a particular company and then pitching to them. I’m going to try creating a design with original artwork for the college where I got my degrees and pitching it to them.

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