New Seller Features!


In additon to launching Case-Mate cases for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy SBlackBerry Curve, and BlackBerry Bold, we also made some exciting changes to the Post For Sale process last week. We added Recipient and Events & Occasions fields to the Post For Sale page.  This enables sellers to market their products for specific recipients and occasions. In a few weeks, we’ll introduce these new features as part of our search navigation. This will allow buyers to more easily find cards or gifts for their loved ones and for the upcoming holiday season.

For example, if a seller has made a Thanksgiving card intended for a Niece, they can specify that the Event & Occasion is “Thanksgiving” and the Recipient is “Niece”. If a seller made a Christmas card for Grandfathers, they can specify “Christmas” for the Event & Occasion and the Recipient is “Grandfather”. Once we enable these fields in search then it will be easier for buyers to find the right products.

If you are a Zazzle Seller, you can edit your products now and choose Recipients and Events & Occasions for them, if applicable. If your item is not for a particular person, event, or occasion, then you can leave these fields blank.

Let us know what you think!

11 Responses to “New Seller Features!”

  1. Salon of Art Says:

    THANK YOU Mike!

    I LOVE the new Seller Features and have been updating all my stores & products . . . Another Zazzling moment for Zazzle!

    I do wonder, I have found a few areas which end up homeless when a specific category and/or recipient should be there. Where do we put those suggestions AND will they be heard? Seems a shame not to refine these wonderful fields when the customer is the one that will benefit.


  2. carlarolfe Says:

    As with any new tools or changes it’ll take some getting used to but so far I really LIKE it. Good work zazzle folkses! :)

  3. Marian Cates Says:

    This can be a great tool for customers. For sellers, there is a bit of a bump to get over, as one Category was deleted when this feature was added. I’m not sure why that was done, but it’s going to involve a lot of product review to make sure that products are in the best Category. But soon we’ll all be on track again. And hopefully our customers will be delighted with their new options.

  4. Elke Clarke Says:

    I love the new features. Great job Zazzle!

    The Event and Occasion option is great to narrow down what the item is for. What should the recipient be for Wedding Invitations, which is a popular selling item? There is no “guest” or “invitee” option. Also, are there any recommendations on what “category” to put wedding invitations under now that events and occasions has been taken out of the “list”? or will that category no longer be mandatory when publishing new items for sale?

    Thank you

  5. zachbear Says:

    I love the Events and Recipients that have been added. I am having trouble navigation the public categories. Is there a list somewhere to print? It would be easier as a seller to have a list to refer to instead of wandering through the categories. A pdf page to print would be GREAT!

    Thanks for considering this.

  6. Transfinite Says:

    The “For Anyone > Family” category needs some subcategories: Parent, sibling, cousin, niece-or-nephew, grandparent. If you have a card that can go to either a brother or a sister — or to an intersex or genderqueer sibling! Please remember that people who aren’t male or female exist! — it can’t be properly categorized, plus it seems kind of pointless to have to choose a gender for cousins, for example, since the word is gender-neutral.

  7. Jenny Setchell Says:

    I am grateful that the shifting of music to its own category has meant one less mouse click for me! Looking forward to enjoying the new features, but still battling the indexing problems with disappearing products. Still, patience!

  8. Mike T., Director of Product Management Says:

    Folks – thanks for your responses! We’ll be posting a category listing to the Zazzle forums within the next few days, and we’ve been monitoring all the category addition requests here and in the forums and will be making additions very soon.

  9. Salon of Art Says:

    Wow Mike, thank you for listening and passing on more great news!

  10. Jenny Setchell Says:

    Yes indeed, thanks. Just one more thought: under Recipients, do you think there could a category for organist, or at the very least, musician? I can never find the exact fit for say, either a concert organist or a church organist. Just love the new recipients and occasions choice by the way. Thank you! Jenny at*

  11. Patti J Adkins Says:

    Good idea. I can see how this would enrich the customer’s shopping experience. I would like to see more sub-categories, however. Also, can we have something like ‘quotes, sayings, or statements” as a category?

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