Support Breast Cancer Research with the Zazzle Pink Ribbon Store


In October, pink is not just a color – it’s a battle cry. Saturday was the start of a month dedicated to driving awareness, support, and donations towards the fight against breast cancer. Zazzle is a proud participant in the war against breast cancer with our Pink Ribbon store, which donates 20% of the net product sale to breast cancer related causes. We believe that Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts and Breast Cancer Awareness Postage are great products to help spread the message and promote unity among those that show off the cause when wearing/sending these great products. See below for some of my favorite designs from the Pink Ribbon store.

If you’re a Zazzle Seller and want to donate designs to the Pink Ribbon store, just email them to with the subject line, “I want to help fight breast cancer!” We’ll add your artwork to the tons of great Seller submitted designs already in the store.

2 Responses to “Support Breast Cancer Research with the Zazzle Pink Ribbon Store”

  1. Noah Berkowitz Says:

    Thanks for sharing and Fight for hope!
    God Bless!

  2. phyllis c murray Says:

    What is pink? In October, pink is the color of compassion. You will find pink in all sizes and shades. Whether tied in a bow or streaming from locks of hair, pink is a new symbol of hope. Pink can be a sea of souls that are united for a cause. Pink is powerful when worn by survivors who are making strides to cure breast cancer,too. We are the young and young at heart, racing against time, yet still forging ahead in pink..together. Phyllis C. Murray, PS 75x.

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