Halloween Case-Mate Design Contest



The air is getting colder, the leaves are changing colors, and pumpkins abound! That means that Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate this ghoulish holiday as well as our recent launch of Case-Mate cases for the iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Android, we are hosting a design contest! These lightweight and stylish cases are the perfect medium for your designs… especially your Halloween themed designs, so give us your spookiest, scariest, ghostliest, Halloween Case-Mate case design for your chance to win a brand new iPhone 4S. Yep, you heard that right; the grand prize winner will be receiving a not-even-out-in-stores iPhone 4S. Two honorable mentions will also receive $25 Zazzle Gift Certificates.  See below for prize information and the details on how to enter the Zazzle Halloween Case-Mate Design Contest. Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE: You may only submit ONE entry for this contest and must by a US Resident to receive the monetary prizes. International members are encouraged to participate and if chosen as the winner or runner-up will receive placement of their winning design on a Case-Mate cases page as well as a post in the blog.

Grand Prize = iPhone 4S

Honorable Mention Prizes = $25 Zazzle Gift Certificate

How to Enter the Halloween Case-Mate Contest:

  1. Create a Zazzle Account (It’s free!)
  2. Create an Entry: You may submit a design for any of the new Case-Mate products, just make sure it is Case-Mate and that your design is tagged appropriately. Only one entry will be allowed per person!
  3. “Post for Sale” your Case with the tag zazzlehalloweencasecontest2011 in the Zazzle Marketplace (learn how to tag your product here)
  4. You’re done, good luck!
  5.  View Entries

Contest entries must be received by October 20, 2011 at 11:59pm PT          View Entries   

Contest Rules:

  1. You may submit one entry for this contest.
  2. Entry must be a Case-Mate case product.
  3. Entries must be received by October 20, 2011 at 11:59pm PT, to be eligible.
  4. Entries will be judged on uniqueness of design, overall creativity, and best use of the case space.
  5. Entering a contest is done by tagging your product with a specific contest related keyword (or “tag”). If you don’t know how to do this, please read the instructions here. You should also leave a comment under the contest announcement with a link to your product to give it more visibility.
  6. Read the Official Halloween Case-Mate Case Contest Rules.

115 Responses to “Halloween Case-Mate Design Contest”

  1. Zazzle News: Halloween Case-Mate Design Contest | teeblr Says:

    [...] hosting a design contest! These lightweight and stylish cases…Read the complete post over at Zazzle Blog. Create custom t-shirts and gift items at Zazzle and create your own small [...]

  2. charlie Says:

    Got mine up! Fun contest!

    • kat9148 Says:

      Hi Charlie, how long does it take for a case to show up in the contest viewing? Mine isn’t showing yet??? thanks, Kat

    • Tina Yandle Says:

      Mine is still not showing :( bummer! I posted 10.7.11 — I just do not understand why??? other zazzler’s post one day & it’s there.
      must be favorites alright! Kat

      • charlie Says:

        I just looked at the tags in the ones which are up, and it seems like we messed up by adding other tags also… I’m gonna try removing all the tags I put on mine and see what happens

      • charlie Says:

        ok, I looked and saw my mistake. The new tagging system requires commas to separate tags. I didn’t see that and only used spaces, so what came out of it was-

        zazzleblablacontest2011 word whatever tag another tag bla bla yadda yadda

        All becoming one tag. To fix, add commas

        zazzleblablacontest2011, word, whatever, tag, another tag, bla bla, yadda yadda

        sorry, double reply, and I just tried it, so not 100% sure if that’s it, but I do suggest give it a try

  3. kat9148 Says:

    I posted mine yesterday, but not showing in the contest??? wonder why!!!

  4. Hafapea Says:

    Woohoo – I’m in :)!

  5. kat9148 Says:

    Here’s mine:

  6. kat9148 Says:

    going to try this again:


  7. Jill Says:

    Created mine as soon as I read this blog post! See It HERE!
    -Jill’s Paperie

  8. Dodgerfl Says:



  9. sandyspider Says:

    I just entered http://www.zazzle.com/dead_tree_amongst_an_orange_scary_sky_iphone_4_cas_case-179530930979137105
    Fun to see all the products entered.

  10. Lisa Says:

    Please see my entry at http://www.zazzle.com/pumpkin_kitten_barely_there_case-179198160579839848

  11. Lea Says:

    Here is my entry: http://www.zazzle.com/zombies_blackberry_bold_case-179334645251648522

  12. Heidi Ciluaga Says:

    Along Came A Spider & Sat Down… On This Zazzle Iphone4 Tough Case! ;p

  13. Terri Chandler Says:

    I’m in! Good luck everyone. Hope it doesn’t take too long for it to show up!

  14. Nicole Marques Says:

    Here is my entry: :-))

  15. FidesDesign Says:

    Made one, but it’s not showing up yet, here it is: http://www.zazzle.com/happy_smiley_candy_corn_orange_halloween_pattern_case-179433067180977543?gl=FidesDesign&rf=238782536253241810

  16. Stacy Says:

    This is my entry:

  17. fineanddandypaperie Says:

    Here’s my entry!

  18. Rosie Says:

    Just did my entry too!! =)

  19. Laurie Says:

    Great contest, and I love these new Samsung covers, it’s the type of phone that I have and they have so much space for more fun graphics.


  20. smilingrdh Says:

    Here’s my entry :)


  21. Sheila Says:

    Here’s My Entry. I named it an “Electri-freaked” pumpkin.


  22. Spice Says:

    This was fun. Mine is the zombie theme posted here

  23. aura2000 (@aura2000) Says:

    Here is my entry: http://www.zazzle.com/halloween_night_case-179245174792611950

  24. angela Says:

    This was so much fun:)


  25. elenaindolfi Says:

    Here is my entry. Good luck everyone! :-D


  26. Mouse Says:

    Here’s mine….posted on the 7th and still not showing up! I have it tagged but it doesn’t show.

  27. Mouse Says:

    I think I will un-tag and re-enter seeing that some posted today are showing but mine posted on the 7th isn’t. :(

  28. Kirsten Edwards Says:

    Here is mine!

  29. Nikki Cutro Says:

    Here is my entry


  30. Helena Pion Says:

    Here’s mine:

  31. JPGrafx Says:

    Fun contest! Good luck everyone!
    here’s my entry http://www.zazzle.com/dead_inside_case-179198553190515574?rf=238856044292033929

  32. Jasmine Ward Says:

    Wow, there are so many great entries! Here is mine. http://www.zazzle.com/smiling_jack_o_lantern_case-179744237456776374

  33. pjwuebker Says:

    Here’s mine. Like others, 8 hours later it does not show up in the marketplace for the tag zazzlehalloweencasecontest2011, but it is properly tagged. I’m sure it will pop up later today.


  34. Kris Brattlie Garst Says:

    I posted mine days ago, but it’s still not showing- is there something I’m missing? I double checked the tag, and it seems right… http://www.zazzle.com/marble_mosaic_halloween_case-179689968993013447?gl=kwootten2&rf=238752399729117752

  35. Zazzle's Halloween Case-Mate Design Contest | Case-Mate Blog Says:

    [...] $25 Zazzle Gift Certificates. See below for prize information and details on how to enter the Zazzle Halloween Case-Mate Design Contest. Good [...]

    • kat9148 Says:

      Mine is still not showing :( bummer! I posted 10.7.11 — I just do not understand why??? other zazzler’s post one day & it’s there.
      When will mine be showing? Kat

      • pjwuebker Says:

        I checked the entries today and there were several that were created to day and posted. WTF?

      • kat9148 Says:

        I totally agree…WTF??? going on!

      • kat9148 Says:

        PJ, I changed my tags to the contest tag only and posted again…see what happens now! this is crazy…

      • pjwuebker Says:

        I changed mine to just the entry tag but still a no show. And I think it is sorta poopy that we can’t tag so we could maybe kinda wanta sell one. That’s really why we are here. In past contests, I don’t recall that there was an issue with have selling related tags. Oh well. Still some time for Zazzle to get this mess figured out.

      • kat9148 Says:

        Yes it is crazy not to be available for customers’ this is what customer service sent me earlier today:

        Hi kat9148,

        I am really sorry that you have been experiencing difficulties with entering the Zazzle Halloween Case-Mate design contest. I have sent all of these issues to our QA team who are trying to figure out what is going on. Also, don’t worry, your entry is definitely going to be included in the pool!! I am keeping track of all products that are not showing up on the pageJ I will let you know as soon as we fix this!



      • kat9148 Says:

        I changed mine also to only the entry tag! like you…still not showing. : (

  36. pjwuebker Says:

    Are we not allowed to use additional tags so that we might sell one?

    I see most everyone that is lucky enough to show up in the marketplace has just the one required tag.

    • kat9148 Says:

      well you would think that we could sell one! I called zazzle last week, she said oh yours is showing in the marketplace, that it takes time to show up in the entries! go figured!!! so i have re-posted again today.

  37. Posthumus Creations Says:


  38. jan4insight Says:

    I’ve just added my entry – see it here:


  39. artgrrlproductions Says:

    Great contest but mine isn’t showing up yet either and it’s been posted for days….any clues? Here’s the entry:


  40. Kristina Says:

    Posted my entry just now. Thanks for the opportunity! I love these contests, they are so much fun! http://www.zazzle.com/whos_your_mummy_halloween_case-179897935446174890

  41. spice198 Says:

    If your entry doesn’t show, you may have put more than the one keyword on it. For some reason only those entries with the contest keyword zazzlehalloweencasecontest2011 on will show up. Do not any any other keyword.

  42. Participate in Zazzle Halloween Case-Mate case design contest to win a iPhone 4S | Phone Cover Cases Says:

    [...] For the contest you may submit a design for any of the new Case-Mate products. Only one entry is allowed per person and you can design the case for IPhone 3G/3GS, IPhone 4, IPod Touch, Samsung or BlackBerry Phone. Case design is judged based on uniqueness of design, overall creativity, and best use of the case space. More information at Zazzle blog. [...]

  43. Marlene Says:

    Here’s my entry:


    Why do other entries have only the contest tag?

  44. Kris Brattlie Garst Says:

    Weirder and weirder- last night when I clicked the ‘view entries’ link above, there were 79 showing. Right now, there are four, and mine still isn’t one of them! I did use commas when I tagged it originally (although it looks like the system removed them), but now I’ve cut it down to just the official contest tag, and still nothing. :(

    • kat9148 Says:

      i know how you feel, same thing has happen to me…mine is still not showing, i entered 10.7.11 bummer:( how do the others get theirs to show up???

  45. Kris Brattlie Garst Says:

    Oh, excellent- now there are 85, and mine is up! :D

  46. Leslie Sigal Javorek Says:

    This contest was a lot of fun to work on – and I just love the new Case-Mate ID cases for your cellphone (Nice pocket for ID & cash so don’t have to carry anything else!) Anxious to see how it comes out because of all the cuts and overlap. You can see my entry at my IconDoIt store on Zazzle: Creeps-in-the-Woodwork

  47. kat9148 Says:

    i made mine the 7th still not showing so i have submitted again! this is nuts…

    • Mouse Says:

      Same here, posted on the 7th and then re-posted a new one on the 9th and still nothing. I don’t think they should have had a contest till they worked out all the technical bugs.

  48. Tara Upchurch Says:

    Alright got mine finished! X3

  49. pjwuebker Says:

    I received an email from a very nice woman with some information I I don’t think she would mind if I shared. It is all very reassuring. Plus it puts to rest some rumors on tagging.

    “Hi! I am really sorry that you have been experiencing difficulties with entering the Zazzle Halloween Case-Mate design contest. I have sent all of these issues to our QA team who are trying to figure out what is going on. Also, don’t worry, your entry is definitely going to be included in the pool!! I am keeping track of all products that are not showing up on the pageJ I will let you know as soon as we fix this! Also… you should be able to tag it with as many tags as you like… we definitely do not require that you only tag it with the contest tag!”

  50. Deborah Miller Says:

    Here’s my ghoulish case…

  51. Maureen Arnold Says:

    Here’s my entry, showcasing one of my orange, black and white calico cats, Face. You can replace Face with your own cat picture.


  52. Melissa Says:

    Here’s mine

  53. Mouse Says:

    Posted my original one on the 7th and it didn’t show. Re-posted on the 9th and it’s still not showing.

  54. Melissa Says:

    Mine isn’t showing up either?


  55. Melissa Says:

    Mine still is not showing up either, and my message’s on this page are also not appearing; so I’m not sure if anyone can read this?


    • Tara Upchurch Says:

      I saw yours up in my search. Unique enough I recognized it here. :) Don’t know if it is still there but it was as of 10 minutes ago… for me anyway. Hope that gives you a bit of hope that some are seeing it anyway. X3

      Mine is still not showing but I’ll give it till tomorrow before I start my letter writing. LOL

      • Melissa Says:

        Thanks, so much Tara! I was getting ready to start my letter writing too but then I read your message, LOL!

  56. Melissa Says:

    Ok, now it’s going crazy and sending too many message’s from me, sorry!

  57. mattcarpet Says:

    Mine is done, don’t know when it will show up in the gallery but for the mean time here she is: http://www.zazzle.com/mister_can_i_have_some_candy_phone_cover_case-179594385192595724

  58. Alisa Says:

    Why only two skulls can adequately say both Happy Halloween and Delicious Day of the Dead! Peacocks, dragons, moustaches and diamonds adorn these babies to make a truly unique set of sugar skulls!


    My design is up…but mine is not yet showing under the zazzlehalloweencasecontest2011 tag -oh no! even though it is the only tag I have tagged it under -does anyone have any suggestions??

  59. Steve Says:

    Some great designs! Heres mine:

  60. Marlene Says:

    I edited my entry, I hope that’s not a problem, here’s the updated one:

  61. Liza Says:

    Extra good Halloween flavored ice cream with skull and crossbones.


  62. Sher Magins Says:

    Fun contest and definitely challenging fitting the designs on these cases. Happy Halloween!


  63. livi Says:

    My design REFUSES to upload! i have tried everything, changing dimensions, changing pixel sizes, it wont even upload any other images! i think there might be something wrong with my zazzle account! anybody else had this problem? PLEASE HEELP!

    • livi Says:

      in case people are having similar problems, the reason it wouldnt work was because i have recently switched to chrome! it works on windows fine! :D

  64. Deborah Miller Says:

    I don’t see my entry! Waaaaaaaaaaa…. Here’s the link… can you tell me what happened? http://www.zazzle.com/halloween_eyes_case_mate_case-179759128353769379

    • Deborah Miller Says:

      I haven’t had a problem… Are there other places you upload images like PIcasa. I ask wondering if it’s your service… Just a thought. Wish I could be of more help.

  65. pjwuebker Says:

    Because of assurances I add tags to encourage sales of my design. Then it disappeared from the contest. Removed them and now it is back.

    I don’t expect to win despite some consider time, but that is what I made the design for. So I am skipping the selling tags for now. Also would not expect to sell any as no one will pay $40 for a seasonal cell phone design with just a couple of weeks before the holiday is over.

    Just don’t want to take any chances.

    • kat9148 Says:

      I heard that, don’t blame you. Is yours showing up yet? Mine still isn’t been 7 days now—no show! this will probably be my last contest to enter, with all this mess:( bummer! I hope you win for sure…I’ll vote for you!

    • Deborah Miller Says:

      Thanks, pj… I haven’t been with Zazzle long enough to experience little if any niche holiday designs. I take it you have…

    • JPGrafx Says:

      Hey pj, don’t count your chickens before they hatch, especially on Zazzle. First off, I believe everyone that has entered and still entering this contest is going to have problems. I did. Secondly, zazzle just recently changed their tagline system, um so yeah, Zazzle store owner’s tags are more critical now than they were before. Third, I try to give my customers the lowest price possible and I have sold one iphone case from my store, again I say, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. People do buy this stuff even we think they won’t. If you are new to Zazzle, you are in good hands, just need patience. Your entry is in. Nice design btw! ~jp

  66. Renae Frankz Says:

    Here’s my spooky entry

  67. Mouse Says:

    Mine never did show and the deadline is 5 days away. I give up! Created one on the 7th and it didn’t show so I created one on the 9th and that never showed either.

  68. Laurie Schneider Says:

    Hi everyone. I have a shop and I entered the contest. Mine isn’t showing yet but I’m hoping it will soon. I don’t know how to post it here. I have looked at yours and they all are so good. Good luck to you all!!! Take care, Laurie

  69. greendeer Says:

    Here is my design, I made it about a week ago and it still doesn’t show, but I hope it will … one day …

  70. Concetta Says:

    Here is my submission for the contest. Good luck to all!

  71. Laurie Schneider Says:

    I entered again because I don’t think my first one entered. I hope I didn’t enter twice. Good luck again to you all, they are all so good. Take care, Laurie

  72. Debbie Says:

    Hello everyone here is my entry. Good Luck to everyone. http://www.zazzle.com/iphone_4_case_mate_barely_there-179525780367256894

  73. Sharon K Moore Says:

    I’m frustrated……. I entered the contest on 10/17 and still not showing up. I have removed all extra tags and still not showing up. Good luck to all who have been able to enter successfully. Sharon

    • Laurie Schneider Says:

      Mine isn’t showing either. I deleted mine and entered it again but it still isn’t showing. I don’t know if it has been entered into the contest or not. :( Hope so!!! Take care, Laurie

  74. livi Says:

    Eeeeek just uploaded my entry! http://blog.zazzle.com/2011/10/06/halloween-case-mate-design-contest/ ! took me so long, but was so much fun to do!! there are so many amazing contest entries, it’s going to be a tough decision!

  75. Laurie Schneider Says:

    Here’s mine. http://www.zazzle.com/halloween_blackberry_bold_case-179188665917186520?gl=Laurie77&rf=238018831969752109 Good luck everyone!!!

  76. Deb Miller Says:

    Someone at Zazzle assured me that despite my case not showing it will still be judged…

  77. Soul Gaze Photography Says:

    Thank you Zazzle for this ‘spooky’ cool opportunity!

    I entered my design: ‘Portrait of a Zombie’ here: http://www.zazzle.com/portrait_of_a_zombie_case-179133805276963804

    Item Description: “Portrait of a Zombie is a digital manipulation by Amber Flowers of Soul Gaze Photography. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Why not add humor to the darkness? This zombie stares back at you with haunting red eyes glowing from a recent kill or is it the color of love? You decide!”

  78. Steve Young Says:

    Just read the rules and realised its only open to US and Canadian citizens…boohoo!
    I wouldn’t have won anyway and it was fun trying…all the same…bwaahh!! heheh

  79. JuJuGarden Says:

    Wow, thanks for using my Bat Topiary case as an example, I’m honored, but I didn’t know about the contest and wonder if I’ve been entered…???

  80. Tina Yandle Says:

    my entry never did show up and it was tagged correctly…bummer :(
    Have they anounnce the winner yet???

  81. sandyspider Says:

    Thanks for the honorable mention.

  82. Kathy Says:

    Was the winner announced? I can’t find it anywhere.

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