Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street: Which will be Bigger?


American politics has a wonderful tradition of grassroots political organizations taking hold and influencing major policy. In fact, you could say that the American Revolution was really just a grassroots movement! In the past few years the movement dominating politics has been the Tea Party, in the past few weeks that movement has been Occupy Wall Street. So which is going to be bigger in the long run? Well, if the first 10 days of traffic on Zazzle are any indicator, it looks like Occupy Wall Street t-shirts are much more popular than Tea Party t-shirts were during the first 10 days of the start of that movement.

Of course this is very early data, but what do you think? Does the Occupy Wall Street Movement have the staying power to outlast the Tea Party? Is the Tea Party still considered a grassroots movement? What’s your favorite grassroots organization t-shirt? Share in the comments!

4 Responses to “Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street: Which will be Bigger?”

  1. Marian Cates Says:

    I think that the Tea Party is more an organization than a movement. They have a focus and goals. Having chosen not to become a third party has taken them off the front page, so I don’t know how hot tee shirts for them will be.

    Occupy Wall Street is more of a “happening.” They don’t have a focus or specific goals. However, they are on the front page, so there may be some demand for tee shirts for a while. But I doubt that the people involved “on the ground” in Occupy Wall Street are going to buy tee shirts. After all, they’re out of work, right?

  2. #OccupyWallSt vs. The Tea Party | Gashouse Radio Says:

    [...] Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street: Which will be Bigger? (zazzle.com) [...]

  3. scarebaby Says:

    Given that most of us small artists are the 99percent, especially as we are small business people, I think 99% and Occupy Wall Street designs will probably be the more inspiring for us, if not the most popular. The problem is that 99 percenters don’t have much money to buy stuff, that is what makes us 99 percenters!

  4. attitudeless Says:

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