NEW ZAZZLE PRODUCTS – Tiles and Two Types of Gift Boxes!


The perfect touch for any upcoming holiday gifting (Christmas is almost here), we’ve added custom tiles, gift boxes, and premium gift boxes to Zazzle! These products vibrantly display photos, artwork, or designs in a beautiful 100% wood box that’s perfect for storing keepsakes and jewelry. Check out some of my favorite new gift boxes below from the three thousand already for sale in the Zazzle marketplace.


Gift Boxes

Premium Gift Boxes

Want to share your favorite memory on a gift box or ceramic tile? Design a ceramic tile, gift box, or premium gift box now!

8 Responses to “NEW ZAZZLE PRODUCTS – Tiles and Two Types of Gift Boxes!”

  1. Marian Cates Says:

    Wow! It’s hard to keep up with all the new products. Thanks!

  2. sandyspider Says:

    Glad Zazzle now has these. Now to find the time to make them.

  3. Cherie Says:

    Glad I just happened upon it at the forums!

  4. Nicole Marques Says:

    Really great products I enjoy playing with them! :-)

  5. LDG Says:

    I see these items in the shops but I can’t make one.
    I’ve looked under making products and these new items aren’t showing.
    Are only a few select people getting these items in their shops?

    Just curious.

  6. Elenne Says:

    I love what Zazzle is doing adding more and more new products, The gift boxes and tiles are amazing.
    I’m at working creating designs now.

  7. Tracy Says:

    I’ve been waiting on these products since I’d seen them on another POD company. I love Zazzle and am thrilled to see these have finally made the list of goodies!

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