Halloween Special: The 10 Scariest Mousepads on the Web


Since it’s Halloween, I thought it would be fun to find and share the 10 scariest mousepads on the web. These mousepads are better than a cup of coffee for waking up – just look down and you’ll be scared awake! Check out what I mean below. Warning: these are not for the faint of heart! These mousepads will haunt your dreams.

OK, not too bad…

Not sure if I should be more freaked out at the skull, or what’s scaring the skull.

The eyes are following me…


The birds…

I’m pretty sure I would be freaked out if I saw this person in the dark

This guy looks upset. I hope I wasn’t the one that upset him.


Doll with no hair = always scary.

BOOO! Come on, Sully is scary…scary CUTE!

What’s the scariest mousepad you can find on Zazzle? Post it in the comments!

One Response to “Halloween Special: The 10 Scariest Mousepads on the Web”

  1. Evelyn C. Manteris Says:

    More than just a bit off for my taste, but I get the scary part for the holiday, but I am definitely more into the Victorian ages. Always a female from the past. (smile)

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