New Search Features


Here at Zazzle’s secret underground headquarters near the earth’s core, we are constantly working to improve our search features. In the last few weeks we have added several new things.

Narrow By Color

Anytime you do a search on Zazzle, you can now narrow by color. This is helpful if you want to match colors in your house for a Print or just look for a gift for someone whose favorite color is orange.

Color Match

You can also upload your own image and Zazzle will analyze the colors in the image and match Zazzle products to those colors. You can upload a photo of your wall if you want to match a wall color, or enter the link to an image on the internet and match those colors. Give it a try – it’s fun!

Improved Product and Department Matching

Now to find a particular product or department on Zazzle you can just type it in. For example, if you type in “Food T-shirt” we will show you links on the left side match all the T-shirt Departments on Zazzle: Men’s, Women’s, Kids & Baby. We used to have a drop-down menu next to the search field to select the product type, but that menu was getting too long because we have added many products to the site and are in the process of adding many more in the coming months. Such a long menu was very difficult for users to read, so we are letting customers just type the product that they want in the search field and then we will match it to a department.

Give the new color features a try and let us know what you think!

5 Responses to “New Search Features”

  1. Marian Cates Says:

    Great new search feature. I have a question, though: Would the product have to have the color given as a separate tag?

  2. Cool Travel Photo Gifts Says:

    The new serach features sound great!

  3. Mike Talvensaari, Director of Product Management Says:

    Marian – the color search is done by analyzing colors in the design and of the product, so tagging with the color is not necessary.


  4. Connie Woodman Says:

    I received my mugs today and am so upset that I can’t see the photos AT ALL! Why wouldn’t you contact me before sending mugs that you can’t see the photo at all? I just think that is poor service and learned my lesson.
    Connie Woodman

  5. Wendy Howard Says:

    I love the items that I purchase a friend first told me about zazzel site when I wanted so Obama pin to collect. I also tell other people here at work and neighbor about the quality of the merchandise. Please keep up the creative art work the are on you t-Shirt and pins!

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