See It On Your Walls!


Today we launched a revolutionary new way to shop for Posters, Prints, and Wrapped Canvas – on your own walls! Zazzle’s Realview technology allows you to see Zazzle Prints and Wrapped Canvas on your own walls before buying them. Try it with any Poster, Print, or Wrapped Canvas on Zazzle, and even see it with over 80 different frames and 40 different mats. It’s easy-to-do and will ensure that you are satisfied with the colors, framing, sizing and quality of your custom print for years to come.

Learn more and try it out for yourself here!

4 Responses to “See It On Your Walls!”

  1. Marian Cates Says:

    Wow, this will be really useful to customers. I’ll be interested to see customers’ response to the new technology.

  2. yarijik Says:

    this is sooo cool!!!! Great feature, Zazzle!!!

  3. Marvin Says:

    See it all on your wall!!!!

    Fine Photographic Art

  4. akahai Says:

    Love this, makes such a difference, well done Zazzle :)

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