Coming in 2012 – New Styles of Fully Custom Shoes!


Zazzle, the leading innovator in product customization and co-creator of the world’s first 100% customizable shoe is changing the shoe game again. Coming in 2012, we’re launching the next generation of completely custom shoe styles with new silhouettes, features, and styles. In the short-term, we’ve hidden all shoes from the site to make way for the exciting new shoe products to come! Get ready!

76 Responses to “Coming in 2012 – New Styles of Fully Custom Shoes!”

  1. popartdiva Says:

    Uh, my shoe designs from the old Keds styles are still up as of 12-21-2011….

    Did you mean you were removing the option of CREATING a new design with the old Ked’s styles?

  2. Jo-Ann Hayden Says:

    Get rid of all the shoes I have created? All that work? Did I read that right?

    • popartdiva Says:

      Jo-Ann, yup, that’s how I feel. It was a lot of work creating the sections for all those shoes. Starting over again with new templates will be a ton of work.

      I don’t know about other Zazzlers, but I do more than create and post products to my stores….I also run 2 websites, 4 blogs, market my products on social media, write books, AND my “day” job is being a graphic designer!! Right now I’m in the process of redesigning my primary zazzle store for better marketability and sales.

      When I think of all the extra work to create new shoes in all my designs part of my brain goes a little wonky!

  3. Jolie Says:

    So, are the shoes we already have available going to be available again? Or will we have to start over completely?

  4. Tina Yandle Says:

    so our shoes that we have in the marketplace have been removed???

  5. evmotive Says:


  6. George Says:

    It’s a shame that we have to see the old shoes go.

    they where pretty popular on my site.

    I hope the new once will be available in more sizes for the designs as that was always the most asked question from my visitors

  7. sandyspider Says:

    All that work I had put into the Keds shoes…gone! Too bad you can’t have both. I am sure many people feel the same way.

  8. Marian Cates Says:

    I’m going to look on this as good news, because I know … just *know* that you aren’t doing a major Keds shoe burning site-wide. (Think of the smell alone!) Unless, of course, you have a much more desirable and salable product. One SK mentioned that in the crowd he runs with nobody would buy the type of shoes we’ve been offering. I wouldn’t, either, because I have foot problems that require very sensible shoes, clogs being the best.

    There are definitely more cool types of shoes we can do. And I’m going to assume that the new ones headed our way are of that variety.

  9. Jerry Lambert Says:

    wOoT! good times

  10. Maria.G Says:

    all the work is not gone, zazzle is trying to fully incorporate your existing designs into new shoes, they are hidden for now

  11. giksard Says:

    How about those stores that were entirely based on shoe designs?… Why using the real data, could you use a copy of it and test all the new features?

  12. Salon of Art Says:

    It’s always hard to see something I put so much effort into go, but Zazzle hasn’t disappointed me yet so I put my trust in them once again that the new shoes will be as awesome as everything else!

    My shoes have been removed from all four of my stores already so I imagine everyone’s will be before long.

    Thanks for all the great new products Z!

  13. Rebecca Reeder Says:

    It’s fun to see new products, but… is that correct that all of the previously created shoes will be gone?

  14. Patricia Sanders Says:

    I do hope you are not removing shoes we have already made. Excited to see the new product coming!

  15. Shelly Says:

    even if they are trying to switch our designs to the new brand… what about ALL the blogs & squidoo lenses!… I see now if I click on a shoe listing on a squidoo lens… it goes to a “coming soon… 2012 blah…blah…blah”. So not only all the designing work we did but all the promotional work as well… I sorta wanna cry.

    • beezazzler Says:

      I feel ya…..I’m not willing to give up all my hard work. I wish there was more information on this. And what the hell happened to the forums? I can’t get in….I’ve been trying for days, it’s been almost a week now.

  16. Webgrrlॐ (@webgrrlbiz) Says:

    i think all the old shoes will still be there..dont panic.. just new options, new styles maybe..the old stuff will be migrated or something like that, i read somewhere :)

  17. Elenne Says:

    Wow! I’m glad about the new shoes but taking away the old ones we work so hard on and sold. looking forward to the new style. Happy Holidays everyone.

  18. red Says:

    I’m pretty pissed off. They could have given a heads up, about this. Whats next? Are they going to pull the skate decks too?

  19. 2012 Travel Calendars Says:

    I can’t wait to see the new shoes!

  20. beezazzler Says:

    Not liking the change already……I’m disappointed to see the shoes gone…..I hope we don’t have to start completely over again! I have hundreds of shoes I’ve designed and to see them gone will make me not a happy person.

  21. JOAnn Says:

    I would like to see the shoe line in Hannay plaid.

  22. Cheryl Binstock Says:

    I’ll be bummed if the old shoes aren’t still available – I never even got a chance to buy any of them and I loved several of my designs. (Only just got a full time job so I can finally afford to!) Fingers crossed! On the other hand more styles would certainly be fun and would reach a wider range of people!
    Please be kind Zazzle!

  23. Al Mount Says:

    by Patrick Briggs, Zazzle Maniac :
    ” we’ve hidden all shoes from the site to make way for the exciting new shoe products to come! Get ready!”

    By dumb luck… I never got into their shoe thingy… and now I am so glad

  24. Libertydogmerch Says:

    If they r still using Keds I see Ked’s raised their basic prices.

  25. Henrik Says:

    When in 2012 will shoes be back in the Zazzle product range … anyone???

  26. Henrik Says:

    Same reply as above … but with correct website link this time … ;-)

    When in 2012 will shoes be back in the Zazzle product range … anyone???

  27. Alex Says:

    Please let us know when theyll be back in 2012 :(

  28. dunawori Says:

    Happy New Year to all !! But please tell me that I will be able to see the old designs back – hours of work down the drain !!

  29. Madeline Linahan Says:

    When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When?

  30. Tish Eggleston Says:

    My shoe designs also have been deleted. Will the accounts with deleted designs be notified by email when the shoes are coming back?

  31. Nicole Says:

    I just got a message from zazzle after emailing them, they said “in the next few months” :(

  32. Katie Pfeiffer Says:

    I was about to order a pair of my own hi-tops when they disappeared from my store. I love shoes and am glad they will be offering new shoes to design in the next couple of months. I guess I will be hand painting a pair of white Converse hi-tops now.

  33. Alice Lam Says:

    When clicking on an old link for shoes, instead of a blank screen, it would be very helpful for customers to see a message about the discontinued shoes and upcoming launch.

  34. Henrik Says:

    @ Alice Lam: Totally agree!

  35. Jarris Vonzombie Says:

    Zazzle Gods…. we hope yiour listening! Hopefully the wholsesale prices for the shoes are better, so a better profit could be made on the sellers end! I have to say the pro keds hi-tops were my popular seller. I just hope these new shoe designs are sellable to the public, a smaller manufacturer logo or no logo, which is much better for my own personal branding. Well I am sticking with Zazzle either way! So when are the new shoe styles coming out!

  36. rodroelsdesign Says:

    It would have been nice if Zazzle had been able to keep selling the Keds shoes while implementing the new shoe design/manufacture structure. Like many others here, I had some popular shoe styles that sold well and had a fairly good profit margin compared to a lot of items. I’m guessing there was some contractual issues that prevented this but if not, it doesn’t sound like the best way to go about making the change.

  37. Cathy Howard Says:

    March 8 2012….I’m re-doing my zazzle store for 2012…..any word on the shoes yet?

  38. cjy Says:


  39. wantzazzleshoes Says:

    Really wish those shoes would come out now. :/

  40. Br. Carlos L. Jackson Owner Says:

    Looking forward o this & so are our customers!!!

  41. Mavie Says:

    I has a few questions …

    do you guys have a better release date yet other than just some time in 2012?

    Also is there any chance u can release a template for the new shoe designs so people can convert there old designs?

    And lastly is there any chance of having some form of high heel as one of the shoe options? Girls want kick ass heels too ^_-

  42. Lena Says:

    When are yall going to come out with shoes cause I am flat footed and I need to buy some shoes that are stylish and cute come on yall thankyou.

  43. Jolie Says:

    At this point, I’m thinking they better stop saying “coming in 2012″. September is upon us. Shopping season for the holidays is upon us. Still we have no shoes. I had hoped they would be back well before the shopping season started. At this rate, if they popped them back on today, we’d all have to be working feverishly day and night for the next 3 weeks in order to have decent stock of them. And that’s assuming we’ll be able to still use the images we had formatted for the previous shoes on the new ones. Yeah, I’m definitely not pleased with the lack of updates on this. Especially when art sales through Zazzle and other venues are my only means of income since I got laid off over a year ago and my unemployment ran out. :-/

    • Tina Yandle Says:

      I totally agree with you. I found out today that we will not have Keds any longer. so that is a big bummer :( One of my stores is Keds only I have lost so many sales. All the Keds that I have & had worked on so very hard is all gone! NO MORE KED SHOES. Zazzle has another brand coming, and would not tell me the brand & does not know when…so there you go! it’s a bad deal if you ask me.

      • Jolie Bonnette Says:

        Wow, nice of them to let us know it wouldn’t be Keds anymore. They’ve never announced it publicly. *smirk* I’m pretty much going through and taking out the “Shoes and Skateboards” section for all of my images and just throwing the skateboards into “Paper Goods & Misc.” along with the dart boards. Considering how short-lived the Keds were, I may be less willing to try adding the new ones. I only ever sold ONE pair of Keds myself and they sold to my best friend, so I don’t really count that. The artist I agent for also only sold one pair, so that’s not a fabulous track record. They take so much work and then they don’t turn in the amount of profit that I can make using 2-3 image formats that can be used on virtually everything as opposed to having to design multiple panels for one item.

      • kat9148 Says:

        I found out by calling zazzle. I did sell a lot of keds. I feel like you now I may not even mess with the new shoes, if we do ever get them…would hate to work hard on them then zazzle take them away!

  44. joann Says:

    WE WANT SHOES!! You guys only have four months left,then you’ll have to change your email to coming in 2013!!!!!

  45. Florilla Says:

    Looks like they will be Selve shoes – Just wish I knew when?????

    • cjy Says:

      Wow – that was announced in May! Surprised no one found it til now. Good job! Hmm….a far cry from a pair of high-tops. I am a little dubious. Sounds like a very expensive item. Wonder how it will work with imagery?

    • nicole Says:

      Zazzles forums: “Hello Zazzlers,

      Thanks for your continued posts and emails concerning the future of our Zazzle shoe product line. We do wish we had more favorable news for everyone, but we are sorry to say that shoes will not be added back to the site for the remainder of the calendar year. Our end of year product pipeline is set, and we still have a few shoe-related loose ends to wrap up before adding them back to our stores and marketplace. We will continue to make progress and will provide more updates next year when we have a clear idea of when they will return.

      We all appreciate your support and dedication to our platform. Here’s hoping everyone has a record holiday season.

      The Zazzle Team”

      Very bad customer service :(

      • Jolie Says:

        Again, nice of them to, youknow, let everyone know. *smirk* It’s not like they don’t have our email addresses. They COULD send everyone who has a shop a notice instead of putting it in the forums.

      • cjy Says:

        Wow. No kidding. I never get announcements from Zazzle about any new products or the shoe situation. Wonder if it’s my settings? But I just found out about messenger bags randomly as I was designing something else on Zazzle. I really don’t like that they don’t pay you until you reach $50 or $100. It’s like a bank without the interest :(

      • Jolie B Says:

        I have my account set to receive all news and notices and I still don’t get them most of the time. Sometimes I’ll even make sales without getting the email I’m supposed to. I’ll go look at my sales history and there will be sales I didn’t get any notice for. I only find out when they add new product because I will see them mentioned elsewhere or stumble on them by accident.

  46. Kris Says:

    When are the shoes coming back, I love my halloween themed keds and wanted to order more and can not find them anywhere.

  47. robin Says:

    What is the status of the tie-dye keds from Zazzle. If I had known they were being discontinued, I would have ordered many more. I am anxiously awaiting good news. Thank you.

  48. kat9148 Says:

    maybe zazzle will post coming in 2013

  49. Curtis Says:

    i want to make custom shoe designs again!

    that was awesome!!

  50. mrjenny Says:

    I loved making custom shoes and wearing them – I need a new few pairs!!

  51. Tom Says:

    …and here we sit, mid way through January 2013 and still nothing….

    Not very good business practice. Not at all.

  52. Twisted Martin Says:

    The latest update is that Pro Keds shoes will not be offered at Zazzle or any other place any longer due to ‘sales’ contract dispute.

    I had another site that also was able to make shoes for me, but now that company went under in what appears to be copyright infringement by other artist who were not as creative and could not make up their own stuff. instead used comic book art images and placed them on their shoes… tsk, tsk…

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