New Custom Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottles on Zazzle


Hot on the heels of the launch of Rickshaw Bagworks products on Zazzle, we’ve launched another ecologically focused American-made product on Zazzle: Custom Aluminum Water Bottles! Featured in 13 fun colors and two sizes, these 100% recycled aluminum water bottles are a great way to show off photos and designs while helping to keep down the disposable plastic water bottle population (they breed like rabbits). But, what I really love is that these are not just great CUSTOM bottles, they are great water bottles thanks to the small details that Liberty and Zazzle took to create this product. 100% BPA free was just the start. These bottles are the only metal water bottle that exceeds the FDA standards for non-leaching products, they have an easy quarter turn open/close cap (helpful for one handed opening), and they have a tapered neck for smooth/splash free drinking. These design elements make this a great gift that can easily integrate into anybody’s home or work life. See below for some hot new designs from Zazzle Sellers or start creating your own custom water bottle now!

7 Responses to “New Custom Liberty Bottleworks Water Bottles on Zazzle”

  1. Michael Norman Says:


  2. Elenne Boothe Says:

    I love Zazzle is adding new products, The water bottles are great.

  3. twe1 Says:

    Cool, hope we get more items.

  4. CuteNComfy Says:

    I love the new bottles! They are so fun to design, all the background colors are really neat! I have already ordered one for me. I have tons of bottle designs for everyone here, please check them out… CuteNComfy Drinking Water Bottles

  5. Jasmine Ward Says:

    Wow! Thanks for featuring my social networking water bottle. :) I just ordered one for myself, can’t wait to check it out.

  6. Empowering the Customization of Social Good: Zazzle Launches Custom Housewares with American MoJo « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] Sellers universe and starting to empower social good right here in the US of A. Recently launched Liberty Bottles and Rickshaw Bags have extended opportunities to MADE IN THE USA/ecologically friendly partners. [...]

  7. Valerie at abundancelovetrip Says:

    I love that zazzle is doing good. I also love putting my art on these water bottles.

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