Poems & 49er Football – A Zazzle Employee Contest


What would you do to go to the NFC Championship Game? As many football fans know, the AWESOME 49ers recently played some team for NFC supremacy and ended up falling short in overtime. But, before the game, a different contest was taking place at Zazzle HQ. The contest was simple; write a poem about Zazzle and win two 50 yard line tickets to the NFC Championship Game. With stakes like those, the entries were sure to be amazing – and they were! See below for the amazingly creative poems by Zazzle employees (they only had one hour to write the poems).

Here at Zazzle, we aim to please
It’s in our best interest to put you at ease.
We want to delight and make it all right
So if you give us the chance
We will make sure you dance.
We are all about people and what they can do
That means you-you-you and YOU!
You can make anything your own
And in doing so, make this world a better home.
– John


A printer – birthed in a humble garage. Colors, inks, dreams. Rising.
A picture – pressing herself upon shirts. Seeking to be known. Rising.
A phoenix – morphing, bending, twisting. Ever expanding. Ever reborn. Rising.
A philosophy – reshaping the world. Opening eyes a new.  Rising.
Zazzle – you. Rising. Rising.
– Brad

Zazzle Oh, My!

Write a poem about Zazzle? Who? Me?
How can I write a poem about something called that?
All I know is that Zazzle is like the new Meme Mania… if you are not “Liking” it or sharing it on your Facebook,  you are better off living in another planet.
Zazzle is fun, cool, creative and allows anyone to become an artist in their own right, even become famous or just a little richer.
Zazzle is the new “Black”, if you are not wearing it everywhere;  you are a square!

Who cares about those extra pounds that you’ve been trying to lose since last thanksgiving! Zazzle has something on your size and your dog’s too.
Even your phone can be dressed up! Any taste it may be: gangsta, nerdy , slutty… whatever! What matters is that even your grandma can Zazzle it up!
Have you Zazzled yet or are you going to MIA?”
– Patricia

Zazzle is fuel for your inspiration
100% satisfaction guaranteed, no need for perspiration.
– Firrend

There once was a dude named Bobby, 
Who decided that t-shirts were more than a hobby. 
He on-boarded Jeff, 
And made Robert el hef, 
Now ZAZZLE logos are all over our lobby. 
– Demian

Z Z Z Zazzle me up! I need an outfit.
Bust out a cap with rainbow cow-print.
Give me a tie that looks like coleslaw, and a shirt that says “I ♥my Grandma!”
Zazzle me up a celebration and write it on an invitation to you…
That’s what I’m gonna do.
Z Z Z Zazzle it up….some red and blue states
We’re ‘bout have ourselves a debate.
I’ll make the buttons and the posters, but they’ll say “Politics are made for jokesters!”
Zazzle me up a proclamation and put it on an invitation to you
..and you can bring your crew.
I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday…here’s a custom postcard just to say…
That you’d look better with a silly mustache (and the matching skateboard deck is on the way)…heeeeyyyyyy!
Z Z Z Zazzle it up: a second income.
I want to make more bread and then some.
Printing all those crazy phrases made by Charlie Sheen after he blazes.
Zazzle me up a good old time, and it won’t even cost a dime, yes it’s true.
Just takes a minute or two…
Zazzle it up. Zazzle it up. Zazzle it up.
Zazzle, it’s all up to you.
**jazz hands**
– Kincaid

Zazzle Ghazal

When the inspiration hits and ideas begin to flow,
Zazzle’s where you wanna be. It’s the place to go.
If you’re an artist or designer with work you’d like to show,
Let Zazzle be your gallery. Your favorite place to go.
Zazzle Sellers make the future and earn money doing so.
Join the ranks and lead the way to where you want to go.
With lots of awesome products and famous brands in tow,
Zazzle’s where you’ll find the best. The place to always go.
As the days move on and on, and product offerings grow,
Zazzle’s getting even better. The only place you’ll need to go. 
So when you feel creative and you want to feed your soul,
Zazzle’s where you’ll find an outlet. Stop by and say hello!
– Aichlee

circle ’round my friends
have we got news to share
a tale of modern triumph
over what to wear!
your repeating wardrobe
that everybody knows?
(we saw you on Facebook)
dude you need new clothes!
can the cookie cutter clothing
and express the inner you
at this magical place
where the gear is made by you!

slap your grandma’s peachy grin
onto a t-shirt, hat or mug
or deck your walls with posters
of your wiener dog and pug!
word has it this place is growing
word has it this place can dazzle
hop on board the trippy ride
to the land that we call Zazzle!
and make room in your closet
because this place won’t quit
c’mon, the nerds rule, vader’s a pimp
and honey badger don’t give a s**t!
– Heidi

1. There is a land in redwood city, see?
2. Its filled with magic, promise…also, glee.
3. What is that ugly thing among the trees?
4. Is that a…?  Yes, a ghetto Christmas tree.
5. With Zazzlers singing, dancing, smiles so bright,
6. It’s hard to watch and not log on the site.
7. The site was filled with gifts for her and him.
8. My gosh, I had no clue where to begin.
9. I looked until I saw some things so rad,
10. A zombie sweater, mug, and a mouse pad!
11. I quickly added zombies to my cart,
12. And right before the checkout step, I see…
13. It’s Zazzle Black!  A two-day shipping spree.
14. I love this site, this place!  I amor Zazzle!
– Linda

Fast. Bang. Boom. Zazzle.
Your idea. My idea. Whom? Zazzle.
Text. Photo. Toon? Zazzle.
Home. Away. Moon? Zazzle.
Quality. Price. Boon! Zazzle.
Shop somewhere else? Loon! Zazzle.
– Jamal

This is the tale
of Big John the whale,
who wanted to dazzle,
so he surfed to Zazzle,
and made a store,
with great modern decor,
and never had to work anymore.
– Xi

In the end, there can be only one. Below is the picture of Zazzle’s new poet laureate enjoying the game (before the Niners lost that is…) and her amazing Zazzle poem.

Tick-tock, tick-tock…
Gotta get over this writer’s block…
An hour to do it…not gonna get frazzled;
Gonna open my mind….gonna let it get Zazzled!
Building a company, a future, so bright
From the first crack of dawn to the wee hours of night;
Creating…collaborating….an unstoppable wheel
Moving forward, we produce what we dream, think, and feel.
Artsprojekt, Rickshaw, MoJo to name a few;
Partnerships growing…and the product line too.
Endless possibilities as sharp minds work together
To create something amazing that can only get better.

Visionaries, dreamers, artists galore;
Masterpieces sold through each Zazzle store;
From designing to selling….an artistic trek;
Achievement..accomplishment…a royalty check.

Boy wants a T-shirt
With an edgy design
Girl wants a canvas
With colors sublime;
Together they search
And together they find
That Zazzle can give them
What they both had in mind.

An experience unforgettable…
A company unparalleled….
Tick-tock, tick-tock.
I think I got over this writer’s block…
An hour almost up…I didn’t get frazzled;
I opened my mind, and my mind… it got Zazzled!
– Shelly

What’s your Zazzle poem? Is it a Haiku? A sonnet? Maybe it’s a love poem??? Share your poem in the comments!

3 Responses to “Poems & 49er Football – A Zazzle Employee Contest”

  1. Jo-Ann Hayden Says:

    Come to the zazzle site
    if you love to create.
    You will be up all night
    making beautiful plates.

    Posters,pitchers,magnets,and such
    invent to your hearts content.
    Giving things your special touch,
    till your creative juices are spent.

    Look, here comes the mailman
    With a zazzle check for me!
    I’m gonna tell it through out the land,
    ZAZZLE, is the place to BE!

  2. TeeZazzle Says:

    Great poems. Congrats to the winner!

  3. Terry Weissberg Says:

    The Giants won, that tells you how weak the whole was this year.

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