SwagStation – Instant Zazzle Store on Your Facebook Pages!


Listen up Zazzle Sellers, Swag.io has got some good news for you and it’s called the SwagStation. This new Silicon Valley startup just created the SwagStation app for Facebook pages that allows you to create a Zazzle Store on a fan page in just three easy steps! The value? Instantly port Zazzle Stores into Facebook to monetize Facebook traffic on Facebook (and just in time for the Facebook IPO). More information about how to use this app is on Swag.io.

The app is still a bit young and the Swag.io Team is looking for some great feedback from the Zazzle Seller community. If you want to help improve the app (and by doing so improve your Facebook Zazzle stores powered by the app), give ‘em feedback on the SwagStation Facebook page wall.

Who’s going to be the first Zazzle Seller to open a SwagStation? Share in the comments below!

55 Responses to “SwagStation – Instant Zazzle Store on Your Facebook Pages!”

  1. Renae Frankz Says:

    I have just added this GREAT App onto my page http://www.facebook.com/frankzpawprintzpetphotography
    LOVE It!

  2. Dawna Morton Says:

    how is this different from “my merch store” which I already have on there, and is it any better?

  3. Jan Says:

    Sounds great but I just tried the link and all I can get is a blank page when I try to get started. Did I do something wrong?

  4. The Tshirt Painter Says:

    Looks great! Thank you. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Soccer-Mascots-Team-Shirts/136340313052322?sk=app_139196316176358

  5. Tina Yandle Says:

    This is cool! I added one of my stores :)

  6. Trev Slauenwhite Says:

    I installed it! Very easy to do. It doesn’t look like there is a sellers referral code attached to the products showing. So I will be uninstalling it until we have the option to add our referral code or have it added automatically. Great idea though. Thank you.

  7. Mike Savad Says:

    that swag io link – is broken

  8. swag.io team Says:

    Thank you, all, for your kind words, feature suggestions, and bug reports :). As Patrick mentioned, the app is still a bit young and we appreciate all your help in making it even better! Given this, we’d like to request that defect reports and feature requests be sent to us via email (support@swag.io). We’ll respond to you as soon as we can. Although still a small team, we are all very committed to making the app better for you, our users.

    Finally, please also feel free to like us on facebook — and, if you’re so inclined, please feel free to spread the word!

  9. Ignacio Rodriguez Says:

    Just put up my store. Check it out. More product coming soon too!


  10. Amy-Elyse Neer (@AENART) Says:

    I just finished installing it

  11. Susan Marsh Says:

    Thought about it, but the fact that a referall that’s not mine is tacked on without any warning……..no thanks. Why not offer a paid version that allows the shopkeepers to put their own referal up?

  12. Patricia Sanders Says:

    Installing mine now.

  13. The Tshirt Painter Says:

    I added the store to another Fan Page, Looks great. My store fronts at Zazzle are the image thumbnails only, so your App works very well. I don’t have HTML or images on my front pages at Zazzle.


  14. Blue Sky Happiness Says:

    Finally! Something that works! Good Job and a HUGE THANK YOU!

  15. Marie Says:

    How do you remove it you don’t want to keep it?

    Thank you!

  16. Jenny Says:

    I have uploaded it and put it on, BUT, It just says ‘STORE’.
    As it is on one of my website pages, it could be misconstrued as my Website and the 2 are very different.
    Can the Name of the store be put as the Store name and not just say store.
    Also, as others have said, the Referal number incorporated would be good.

  17. swag.io team Says:

    Please check http://www.facebook.com/SwagStationCommunityPage , We just posted on how to delete a Store and change the tab name from default of “STORE”

    Swag.io team

  18. Marian Cates Says:

    All I got was the banner.

  19. JesPiddlin Says:

    I don’t have time to do this, tonight. However, it sounds so exciting and I see such great stuff, so far, that I can’t wait to work with it, this weekend! Thanks for this!

  20. Tiffany Says:

    I love it. https://www.facebook.com/pages/ZazzleCustomGift/324219867620433?sk=app_139196316176358

  21. yugomira Says:

    It’s not working for me. It gets stuck at step #3. It comes up with a button that says “fanpage” and with a back arrow. When I click on the back arrow it takes me back to step #2.

  22. swag.io team Says:

    HI Yougomira,
    Only time that happens is , if you do not have a fanpage . Stating that – please email the store name to us at support@swag.io and we will look into it ASAP
    swag.io team

  23. Blue Walker Says:

    I can’t seem to get to step 2 :(

    • swag.io team Says:

      Hi Blue,
      Please email us at support@swag.io, We will respond to it ASAP. We have not seen this happening with other users, Only time it happens is if the storename is wrong as .
      Yout store name is at zazzle.com/STORENAME

      you would need to enter that, If you still get into issues, Please email us and we would be more than happy to assist you
      swag.io team

  24. Joseph p Says:

    Great idea. I’m going to check it out asap.

  25. swag.io team Says:

    Thank you Joseph,
    Let us know your comments at support@swag.io. Waiting to hear from ya
    sswag.io team

  26. swag.io team Says:

    New Features in SwagStation

    We’ve listened to you and here’s what we’ve done this week!

    a) You can now “Feature” specific products.

    By marking specific products as “Featured” products from the management console (manage option on our app home page), these will be the products that will be displayed up front, by default, once a customer views your store. We should note here that there may be a time delay between when you pick these featured products vs. when these show up on your store — so please be patient.

    b) We’re introducing a new “sort by” method

    The “by most recent” sort will allow your customers to view your most recent products as per the Zazzle publication date.

    c) various and sundry store template look and feel changes

    We’ve improved our store viewing templates as per feedback from you, our users.

    We’re also by no means done. Here are a list of things that are currently being baked:

    a) Multi-store support

    Soon you will have the ability to place more than one store on any given Facebook page.

    b) New ways to promote your store

    We are working on several ways for you to promote your store within Facebook… and without!

    c) A major revamp on pricing

    We have heard you loud and clear. We will be rolling out a new pricing model in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for the in-depth discussions and input.

    Having said all this, we are by no means perfect but we try to listen and learn from you, our customers — so please keep the suggestions coming!

    swag.io team

  27. Athena Andris Says:

    I am confused on the Install on Facebook Fan Page
    It shows 4 + and all when highlighted read Add Store to fan Page

    Schnauzers-Rule.com +
    Unnamed App +
    Unnamed App +
    Schnauzers-Rule.com +

    Are you suppose to click on each + to complete the process or just one of them?

  28. the art shop Says:

    I hope that everyone realizes, that until you can add your referral id, you’re doing free promotional work for someone else.
    You’re sending your customers from your facebook page to Zazzle with somebody elses referral code.

  29. swag.io team Says:

    Hi art_shop,
    We got the feedback on referrals from a lot of users, We will be making changes to accommodate it in a way that favors store owners,please stay tuned

    swag.io team

  30. Athena Andris Says:

    When you add new products to your store does the application need to be redone or does it add them automatically?

    Also, please check my store and let me know if it is showing up with this url:


    Some friends say the page is blank when they go there, but I see it.


    • Al Mount Says:

      Worked fine, went to page as a potential buyer would,
      scrolled down and it showed those God awful negative comments.
      Big Z has got to make them go away

  31. swag.io team Says:

    Hi Athena,

    When you add new products to Zazzle, you would need to go to the “Manage” screen in our app and click “Refresh” to refresh your store. I should note here that it can take 24 hours before Zazzle refreshes your product list so you may want to wait a bit before doing the “Refresh” in our app. Having said all this, I can see your store fine. If your friends continue to experience problems, please send us mail at support@swag.io.


  32. swag.io team Says:

    Hi Athena,

    When you add new products to Zazzle, you would need to go to the “Manage” screen in our app and click “Refresh” to refresh your store. I should note here that it can take 24 hours before Zazzle refreshes your product list so you may want to wait a bit before doing the “Refresh” in our app. Having said all this, I can see your store fine. If your friends continue to experience problems, please don’t hesitate to send us mail at support@swag.io.


  33. yugomira Says:

    Finally, got it: http://www.facebook.com/pages/YuGoMira/282641975138265?sk=app_139196316176358

  34. the swag.io team Says:

    New Feature Roll-up

    We’re introducing several new features this week:

    a) We’ve heard you loud and clear — we’re providing a new referral splitting scheme. Please check out our post on this topic on our wall. Referral splits get activated as soon as you enter your referral id’s for your stores (via the Manage screen).

    b) We provide new ways to promote the products in your store. With the new promotion feature, you also will be given a chance to earn income through purchases from other stores. Please check out our posts on the new PROMOTE functionality on our wall.

    c) We have enhanced “Like” support to allow for additional revenue for shop owners. Please refer to the Referral Split post on our wall.

    d) We have provided various and sundry look and feel updates to your stores.

    As always, comments/questions/feedback are welcome. A big THANK YOU to all those folks who’ve given us a chance and have given us feedback. We’re committed to making Swagstation better… and we couldn’t have done it without you!

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone send a link to step by step instructions on how to set this up on Facebook? I already have a great online store at Zazzle but need instructions on setting this up on FB. Thanks. David http://www.zazzle.com/somerfleck

  36. GodIsNotGreat RPE (@RPEtweets) Says:

    I have been looking into creating a store for my page however I want any incoming cash to go directly to charity. Is there any way to do this?

  37. Jh Says:

    Here is my new Facebook Zazzle shop page: https://www.facebook.com/sweetbeariesartdotcom/app_282723205097490

  38. Rouble Rust Says:

    Here is mine: http://www.facebook.com/roublerust/app_282723205097490

    Thank you! >.<

  39. Jaime Allison Friedman Says:

    Why does it show that all my items are On Sale?

  40. Quixotic gemini Says:

    I get stuck on step 3…i have made 2 fb pages so far, and i don’t seem to understand why one in particular is not registering as a “fan page”…even though that is how i set it up…i’ve tried like 10 times, and kinda getting irritated

  41. nikkiNicole Says:

    It was so easy to set up! I love it!!!!!!

  42. Robin Hewitt Says:

    WOW.. this is awesome… was able to add my referral ID.. bonus was… my Fine Art America Site came up as a shop as well… so I have 2 stores for one Page!!!

  43. Michael Chylinski Says:

    I have mine up and running. http://www.facebook.com/JomodadZazzle/app_282723205097490
    It is a little confusing. The only way they can get to the store is to click the Zazzle Store Icon?

    Anyway to customize that icon?

  44. goatlady Says:

    Getting error after making some mistakes and deleting some stores from some pages.. is there a limit? Getting this error: No more Stores can be installed on the Page, Please try installing the store on another FanPage

  45. tamira Says:

    Hi, I put this swag on my fb page a few days ago. I clicked the Fan option during set-up.

    1) Via my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I clicked on my fb store site page and then I clicked on Store1 to see my Zazzle items via swag but it does not display – the screen that pops up is the initial swag set-up page. Why can’t I see my swag Store1 items via the link on my smartphone? On my PC I can click on same link and see my items.

    2) Via my PC yesterday I wasn’t able to click on Promote this page. It said needed verification from fb and a black & white bar stays on screen. Why can’t I access this Promote feature? I was able to the day before.

    3) I clicked to have the Fan option but what does this Fan thing actually mean regarding people liking our page, viewing it, purchasing something from our store? Don’t understand it or how they get special offers.

    4) Does swag do any advertising to help draw people to our Zazzle store on fb? Or are we only getting potential views only from our own friends list within fb?

    5) The fb store style looks nice via my fb page but I agree with another poster that it’s probably confusing for someone whom we even refer to our store page to know that they need to click on the swag building link to see products. Would be better if the page just opened up displaying the store items. And still have space on same page for us store page owners to post comments & our additional items like a regular fb page.

    6) When I set-up my Zazzle fb page wirh swag I included my Zazzle associates referral code in the optional box. How can I be sure your system actually got my code to apply to purchases?

    7) Does our fb Zazzle store page via swag have to get alot of “Likes” in order to get any traffic? Hoping swag is helping direct potential customers to our fb store pages & the number of likes doesn’t affect it if very low.

    8) Noticed the fb Zazzle Store page via swag link only displays some items from our main Zazzle store site. So wondering how often swag will update the fb store page to change it up & include our newly designed items that are on-going, while also listing our older items too?

    Please help with these questions as I’m new to swag & want to fully understand it if I’m going to be using it for my fb Zazzle store page for traffic and buyers!!

    Thank you!

  46. Joy Walter Says:

    I’m lost. Never having done this before, I’m overwhelmed. I want to promote my Zazzle store, http://www.zazzle.com/cherry_blossom_time1 , original photography by Joy Walter, but $10 per day seems steep without any guarantee of sales. What should I be doing? Any chance of a step by step plan?

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