Zazzle Custom Stamps Featured on the Martha Stewart Show


How do you give mail an extra-special-touch? How do you bring a smile to the face of someone across the country without being there? How do you create the delicious glaze on crème brulee? Who can help us??? Martha and Zazzle can. Martha Stewart, the queen of the extra-special-touch, featured Zazzle Custom Stamps on her Valentine’s Day gifts special because she knows that a special mailing starts with how you send the mail and ends with what’s in the box. Check out the clip below.

As for the crème brulee, all you need is a cooking blow torch and some fine motor skills. What’s your extra special mailing look like? What Zazzle Custom Stamps will you use to send a gift this year?

10 Responses to “Zazzle Custom Stamps Featured on the Martha Stewart Show”

  1. Jerry Lambert Says:

    so cool, it’s a good thing…wOoT

  2. TeeZazzle Says:

    Very cool. $20 gift cards too. Nice.

  3. mjrok Says:

    nice post. martha stewart is legit.

  4. Jasmine Ward Says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. So cool to see the $20 gift cards handed out!

  5. Marian Cates Says:

    This is great publicity!

  6. Fun T-shirts Says:

    that’s awesome! those $20 gift cards will bring in a lot of new customers :)

  7. Madeline Linahan Says:

    Great promotion for all of us at Zazzle!

  8. Lorrie Morrison Says:

    Hey, this is great! I love her kitchen products too! It’s a very good thing!

  9. Nicole Says:

    Cool! :-)

  10. Cimm Says:

    We use zazzle postcards and custom stamps to spread awareness during Multiple Sclerosis Awareness & Education Month. MS might try to hog the soapbox, but zazzle helps us outshine!

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