Zazzle Million Dollar Open Innovation Challenge Finalists Announced!


We are extremely excited to announce the five Zazzle Million Dollar Open Innovation Challenge Finalists. The Challenge evolved from our sponsorship of the World Conference on Mass Customization and Personalization last fall.

We didn’t know what to expect, but we received nearly 1,000 high quality entries. As a whole, it’s a testament to the evolution of mass customization, from a science experiment to a thriving business model for today’s economy. Individually, each is an inspiring story from an entrepreneur pursuing a big idea.

Narrowing the list was very hard, but we believe we’ve identified the most innovative submissions in interesting product categories. The Finalists will work with professors from MIT and UC Berkeley to refine their concepts for final evaluation. The winner will be announced on March 22 at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. The Finalists are:















Please click on the logos to enjoy their videos, and join with us in congratulating them for making it to the next level!

The Finalists are competing for the opportunity to sell their products on Zazzle. As part of this launch, we will develop online design tools to be used on the Zazzle platform and will work with the winners to develop a marketing campaign. Also, we will make introductions to potential investors! Click here for more information about the Challenge.

In addition, we wanted to acknowledge a few additional entries and share their stories and videos as Honorable Mentions. Unitedstyles and Fabric on Demand are disrupting the apparel industry. Happy Toy Machine, Modify Watches, Waggers Pet Products are bringing customization to new product categories. And Spek and Easy DIY Nail are early concepts that show real innovation.

For those who entered the Challenge, many thanks. You have inspired us with your creativity and passion. We wish each of you good luck on the journey toward making your ideas and dreams come true.

In another month we will be announcing which of these five Finalists wins the Zazzle Million Dollar Open Innovation Challenge, so stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Zazzle Million Dollar Open Innovation Challenge Finalists Announced!”

  1. Valerie at abundancelovetrip Says:

    such amazing ideas
    I love the look of dodo cases and would love to sell eco friendly kindle and ipad cases from my store.
    The nutrition bars might do well as wedding favors
    I could see myself selling bikes as eco transportation from my store if I could do my own abstract art as the paint job.
    The shoes the same thing, if I could put my art on it I am all for it.

  2. Valerie at abundancelovetrip Says:

    Of the runner ups Happy Toy machine would be amazing for my kawaii art. I also love the idea of the
    Fabric On Demand for both my abstracts and kawaii art. I could see many uses for fabric on demand like photo fabric.

  3. Rebecca Reeder Says:

    I can see lots of orangutan orphan fundraising opportunities with the YouBar!! I already have a couple of my favorite rainfoest photos in mind! Actually, all of he finalist videos were fun to watch. For a few years I have been telling people on Zazzle that some of their artwork and prints would make gorgeous fabrics. The new Zazzle pillows and kitchen towels have provided some opportunity. The creativity on Zazzle is amazing.

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