Empowering the Customization of Social Good: Zazzle Launches Custom Housewares with American MoJo


New products on Zazzle traditionally meant new opportunities to customize a product that has never been customized before (see Rickshaw Messenger Bags) and opportunities for Zazzle Sellers to create a worldwide marketplace of content (instantly). But the power of the Zazzle platform is expanding beyond the customers and Zazzle Sellers universe and starting to empower social good right here in the US of A. Recently launched Liberty Bottles and Rickshaw Bags have extended opportunities to MADE IN THE USA/ecologically friendly partners. Now we’re extending opportunities to the economically disadvantaged with the launch of the socially good American MoJo custom houseware products. Our new line of custom pillows, kitchen towels, dinner napkins, and placemats are hand-stitched by American MoJo’s sustainably employed single moms in the USA and contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms and their children by providing them with better than minimum wage salaries, career training, and freedom from the daycare costs that keep many single moms from re-entering the work force. The below video does a great job explaining what American MoJo is doing today.

American MoJo was a company before Zazzle and would have continued to be a successful company without this partnership. But, what really gets my juices flowing is that this partnership allows artists around the world to design millions of products on Zazzle and customers to shop and customize something that is beautiful and socially responsible – a powerful thing you can’t find anywhere else on the web. Checkout some of my favorite socially good and high quality new American MoJo pillows below.

What social good do you see Zazzle bringing to the world? What do you think of the American MoJo products on Zazzle? What’s the next housewares product you’d like to see on Zazzle? Share in the comments!

16 Responses to “Empowering the Customization of Social Good: Zazzle Launches Custom Housewares with American MoJo”

  1. barbeeanne Says:

    MoJo looks like a great company! Zazzle made a wise choice.

  2. janet davies artistjandavies on zazzle Says:

    Good for all concerned. Can we put designs on productswithout buying template? I believe this is necessary with other embroidered products.

  3. sunnymars Says:

    Great initiative by MoJo and well done Zazzle for supporting them!

  4. Peonies Wedding Stamps Says:

    I love the pillows, napkins, and all the other new products that Zazzle has introduced.

  5. inspirationzstore Says:

    I think it’s great how zazzle is joining forces with companies like MoJo which support single mothers like this, and I’ve had a lot of fun designing pillows and imagining them decorating people’s homes :)

    I’m so happy zazzle is expanding and I’m really looking forward to zazzle adding all these fantastic new products to “quickcreate” – it would save us zazzlers a lot of time adding tags and descriptions to multiple products at once.

  6. chirpychums Says:

    It would be cool to see houseware products like blankets / bed linen, pajamas, t-shirts where you can print on the *whole* thing rather than just a little square in the middle, tablecloths, a wider array of jewelery eg earrings, bracelets, rings, backpacks, tupperware containers, kitchen sets with plates of various sizes rather than just one size, pencil cases.. hmm that’s all I can think of for now!

    I love the pillows you chose for your favorite selection, especially the dinosaur one! Feel free to check out some of my bird-themed American MoJo pillows too (linked via my name).

  7. Linda Tenenbaum Says:

    I would also love to see bed linens, and tshirts where the design could be on 90% of the shirt.

  8. Lorrie Morrison Says:

    I love the fact Zazzle is partnering with American Mojo and any other company who is a force for the social good of the country. I love the pillows so much! The fact I can design a product knowing it is helping mother’s out of poverty is beyond words for me. It makes me feel like I am helping out also when I design these products. Its very encouraging to see there are American businesses with this type of creative thinking and Zazzle is helping to move this idea to the forefront.

  9. Cathleen Savage Says:

    That’s just another reason I love Zazzle! Using your powers for good!

    My company also uses Zazzle fort good. I put vintage quilts from museum collections on electronics cases and pay the museum a royalty for each sale. The concept is just gaining momentum and sales are starting to rise! Maybe Zazzle can feature me in their blog. (my name is linked to my site and my zazzle store is QuiltedPhones.)

  10. Cherie Says:

    Yay American made!!

  11. Leslie Sigal Javorek Says:

    Some folks have tried to compare the prices of these products to those you can find at WalMart, Target, or the outlet shops for upscale Department Stores and Designers, suggesting that Zazzle’s cost to us shop-owners is too high. I think they are short-sighted and/or forget the fact that price is generally NOT the main motivator for most people when purchasing items that are not in the category of “necessities”. People are motivated by aesthetics, by what their friends, family and heroes like, some folks care about environmental impact, some want to support (or to not support) certain countries or other political causes, and a dozen other reasons. In my case, I’m willing to pay a bit more for these products from American MoJo (and I believe my customer’s will too) just for knowing the fact that not only are the women making the products NOT being financially exploited (as is too often the case with off-shore manufacturers) nor subjected to inhumane working conditions, but that the company has intentionally reached out to a segment of our society that have been in need of just this kind of opportunity for a fair chance at improving their children’s and their own lives and are willing to work hard to earn their own American Dream.

    I’m proud to be associated with such companies and hope that Zazzle will seek out more product partners like this and even consider helping to inspire, train, and provide start-up financing to non-profit and for-profit organizations to create similar opportunities and build similar businesses. There are so many types of products this can be manufactured this way and many American manufacturers whose facilities and equipment have become idle. What type of products could work like this? Custom Gift-Wrap & paper gift bags; assembling custom sets of stationary & greeting cards to be sold in custom gift boxes (printed cardboard or fabric covered); custom printed cotton or bamboo fabric by the yard (or by the bolt); bandanas; paper plates, paper towels, paper napkins, paper guest towels; diaper bags; wheelchair & walker bags; duffle bags; body pillows; nursing pillows; tablecloths and runners; and these are just for a start!

  12. Nicole Says:

    I’m happy zazzle is expanding even more! :-)

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