St. Paddy’s Day Pinterest Challenge Winners


Thank you to everyone that participated in our St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Challenge! The hundreds of Pinboards that you all created are amazing and definitely showcase the best, funniest, cutest, and raunchiest St. Paddy’s Day Shirts out there! And now… here are the winners:

Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner nyxxie!!

You can check out her favorite St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts at her pinboard.

And here are the Additional Winners: 

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that ventured into the world of pinning! Be on the lookout for our next challenge!

7 Responses to “St. Paddy’s Day Pinterest Challenge Winners”

  1. Maria.G Says:

    Congratulationnnnnnnnnnnnnnns everyone!
    well done!

  2. Spice Says:

    Big congrats to all of you :)

  3. Marian Cates Says:

    I’m happy for the winners, but Pinterest is not supposed to be used this way, strictly for promotion. What’s generally acceptable to the Pinterest community is to have one board for your online shop and lots of other boards for sharing images with others. Please don’t set up a contest using Pinterest again, because it reflects badly on Zazzle and all of its shopkeepers.

  4. nyxxie (@nyxxie23) Says:

    Wow!! Thank you for choosing mine!! And congratulations to all the additional winners and people that participated!

  5. expressyoursoul (@expressyoursoul) Says:

    Congrats to all of you! Fantastic! :)

  6. Cherie Says:

    Lotz ‘o fun lads ‘n lassies!

  7. . Says:

    yur a winner congratulations………i didn t know zazzle was having a contest

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