Mana, magic, 10 sided dice, and now custom products!


Your fantasies are now realized – Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons have joined Zazzle! Probably the two biggest fantasy games EVER, their Zazzle stores are rich with character art featured on all kinds of products. The best part is that you can shop and customize a Magic the Gathering iPhone case or Dungeons and Dragons binder (for example) with your own persona from the game; truly tying your experience in game back to your experience in the real world. Check out some of my favorite designs from the stores below. +10 charisma for everyone that gets a Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt.

Shop Dungeons and Dragons gifts

Shop Magic the Gathering Gifts

Which was your favorite, Dungeons and Dragons or Magic the Gathering? Do you play both? What was the name of your most hated Dungeon Master? Share in the comments!

3 Responses to “Mana, magic, 10 sided dice, and now custom products!”

  1. Jo-Ann Hayden Says:

    Wow! I love zazzle. Zazzle has helped me get my artwork out to the masses. I am forever,eternaly greatful to zazzle for that!
    However, it does seem as though corporate America is trying to taken over zazzle in a big way.
    Disney,Garfield,Barbie,etc… They have thousands of ways to sell their merchandise, and me, I have zazzle.
    Now I have to compete with the millionares for a sale. Sheeeeeeeeeeeesh!! You do keep me on my toes!!
    it is hard to believe how stiff the competition has become to make a sale on zazzle. However, I am selling, but my stars!

  2. Emazevedo Says:

    As Jo-Ann said before I also love zazzle but I’m feeling smaller and smaller, every day. How can I compete with this?

  3. Rebecca Reeder Says:

    I, too, am very grateful to have Zazzle and have met a lot of great people over the years through Zazzle land. It is the individual artists and their personal stories of creation that have made it so fun.

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