Squidoo Review Provides Detailed Information on Zazzle Invitations


I had to share this…Zazzle Seller Pip Gerard put together the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of Zazzle’s invitation papers, sizes, and printing process that I’ve ever seen – even a caliper was used! I highly recommend you read Pip’s Zazzle Invitation Squidoo Lens. The photography alone makes it worth checking out.

Have you created a lens that provides detailed information about Zazzle products? What’s your favorite invite paper type on Zazzle? Share in the comments!

9 Responses to “Squidoo Review Provides Detailed Information on Zazzle Invitations”

  1. Maria GDezigns Says:

    wooohoo! well done Pip! def deserves acknowledgment!!! and is super helpful to all of us!
    Thank You so much for the lens Pip!

  2. Pip Gerard (@PipPipHooray) Says:

    Thank you so so much Patrick for posting this… you’ve absolutely made my month!! Seriously… I cannot get the smile off my face!! :)
    I do wanna give a big shout out to Becky for being so helpful with getting the brilliant color swatch samples to me…without her help it wouldn’t have looked so fabulous!

    And since you asked… I’ve written other lenses too about zazzle (cause I can’t say enough good things about the place!!)

    This one I did is a step by step guide to customizing for newbies – http://www.squidoo.com/customizing-products-on-zazzle

    And I also wrote one a while ago about step by step guide for zazzle affiliate marketing – http://www.squidoo.com/make_money_as_a_zazzle_affiliate

  3. Natasha Says:

    What a fantastic work, super helpful lens! I’ll keep the link to it as an encyclopedia. :) Thank you for sharing this and thanks to Pip Gerard for creating it!

  4. Emazevedo Says:

    Wonderful help for all of us. I think you are awesome! Thank you so much!

  5. Rebecca Reeder Says:

    Very informative. I’m sure this has been helpful information for many shoppers.

  6. Zazzle – Paper/Card Samples – Quality and Sizing | SquidooHQ powered by Squidoo Says:

    [...] love it.   Zazzle loved it.    And we think you will too.  Stop by this amazing lens [...]

  7. Nicole Says:

    Wonderful store!

  8. floppypoppy1111 Says:

    Outstanding lens & great feature!

  9. Andrea’s Detailed Look at Wrapped Canvas Prints « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] to Pip’s review of Zazzle invitations, I have to share Zazzle Seller Andrea’s (SignsByAndrea) review of Zazzle’s wrapped canvas [...]

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