Foto Friday Feature: Kiarra


This week’s Foto Friday is all about Kiarra. Her search to find the perfect customizable t-shirt took to the far reaches of the internet but eventually landed her on Zazzle for a perfectly fitted shirt. Did she like the shirt? I’ll let her tell the story.

My name is Kiarra and this shirt is part of my senior project (college senior). I’m coming out with two children’s books: one is about building community and the other is about a missing child named Christian Ferguson. I illustrated both books and I wrote the one about community building. The t-shirt has the first logo I ever designed and it is for an organization called Looking for an Angel. The organization is a non-profit organization that raises monetary rewards for missing persons.

Looking for an Angel was founded by my friend, Theda. Her son, Christian, went missing in 2003 from St. Louis, Missouri. Since then, Theda has been trying to keep the story alive and is trying to start her organization. She even started an annual march and does anything that she can to help people with missing loved ones. I met Theda when I was 15 (I am 22 now) and I volunteered to illustrate her book. Since my drawing improved, I decided to make a second attempt at illustrating. I knew little about Photoshop or Indesign prior to creating my books, so it was a difficult challenge. I had numerous people helping me every step of the way and I honestly do not know how this book is in its final stages. I didn’t charge Theda anything. She didn’t have the money and I don’t have the money either, but I believe in a higher purpose and if you want something, you will make a way. I want to use my talents to actually leave a legacy and I do not mind if that legacy is in the form of a children’s book.

As far as the t-shirt, I was happy to find Zazzle. I had gone to someone in my college town (which is in the middle of nowhere with no buses or even a hospital) to make my shirt. The cost was around $30 for one white shirt and that is the cheapest they had. Fortunately, I found Zazzle and the coupons are amazing! Anyway, the logo is a magnifying glass, symbolizing that we are still looking for missing loved ones. The wings are about angels. I drew the magnifying glass by hand and then posterized it, so it looks a bit scruffy. But I am still proud of it because somehow, I completed it. Here are the covers of my two children’s books, I hope you like them ^_^

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2 Responses to “Foto Friday Feature: Kiarra”

  1. Zazzle News: Foto Friday Feature: Kiarra | teeblr Says:

    [...] her tell the story. My name is Kiarra and this shirt is part…Read the complete post over at Zazzle Blog. Create custom t-shirts and gift items at Zazzle and create your own small [...]

  2. Yogesh Says:

    Nice T-shirt :)

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