The Growing Zazzle Ecosystem – Nidhi’s Workshop in San Francisco


The Zazzle ecosystem is constantly growing and evolving beyond the platform and into the far reaches of the web/real world. I first noticed this when Sellers started offering services to create stores and merchandising for local merchants (restaurants, bike stores, etc.) to sell their products. Now, Sellers are even offering educational programs on how to sell on Zazzle. Nidhi Chanani, of the Zazzle store smallhandsdesigns, created an event tomorrow in San Francisco called “Pay Your Rent with Zazzle, Beginners Workshop.” It promises to be a, “…hands-on workshop to learn how to earn money with a Zazzle shop.” That’s pretty damn cool. These professional services businesses, created by Sellers to leverage the Zazzle platform in new and creative ways, are just continued examples of how Zazzle is empowering commerce that’s like nothing else. I can’t wait to see what new types of business spring up from Zazzle in the future. I can’t even imagine what’s coming next.

Have you noticed new businesses and ecosystems created around the Zazzle platform? Have you created a new ecosystem based on Zazzle? What real world events and gatherings would you like to see from Zazzle in the future? Share in the comments!

3 Responses to “The Growing Zazzle Ecosystem – Nidhi’s Workshop in San Francisco”

  1. Islands Of Time Says:

    I am fairly new to Zazzle, but ,I can already see ahead in the no- too-distant future that the possibilities are ENDLESS. I am a fine artist and a self taught graphic designer, so I am pretty much unlimited in my choices for product ideas and ways to implement them. I am already having trouble shutting off my brain at the end of day……still designing in my sleep…..just can’t seem to stop…. all I need is time.

    The thing that drew me to Zazzle when searching for a new venue was the people and the fact that the crew that runs it expects Zazzlers to conduct themselves with integrity. I think I’m gonna love it here. Thanks.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Why not create a “Pay Your Rent with Zazzle, Beginners Webinar” to share with a larger audience? I would like to learn more about selling Zazzle Also, more about creating stores and merchandising to local merchants.

  3. pjwuebker Says:

    Here is another . . . a quick start guide eBook:

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