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New Dark Knight Rises Trailer! 5 Vintage Batman Shirts Inspired by the Trailer

May 1, 2012

There’s nothing that wakes me up more than a cup of coffee and the brand new trailer for the MOST EPIC FILM of all time, The Dark Knight Rises. Heck, who needs coffee after that trailer? The new Dark Knight trailer (below) was released today and has ruined my free time for the next week (how many times can you watch a trailer before you’re considered obsessed?). In honor of the new glorious Batman movie, I’ve compiled five Batman Zazzle products that relate to the trailer. Also, check out more Batman t-shirts, Batman iPhone cases (Batphone case!), and Batman posters in the official Batman Store on Zazzle.


Vintage Batman logo shirt – Nothing shows your true fandom better than the “force of good” original logo.

Cat Woman shirt – Anne Hathaway. Enough said.

Dark Knight logo shirt – This logo perfectly matches the dark, gritty feel to the trailer.

Bat Wing shirt– OMG.OMG.OMG. That is going to be so awesome! Having a hard time breathing…

Bane shirt – Bane…

Bonus! Bane iPod Touch Case – He’s so bad, this case is so good.

What’s your favorite scene from the trailer? What’s your favorite Batman character? Share in the comments!


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