New Associates Emails


Exciting news for Zazzle Associates! We have added a new feature that allows you to receive an email when you make a successful Associate referral! You can select between receiving the emails immediately upon the referral, daily, weekly, or monthly. This will help you see where and how your marketing efforts are paying off. Now get out there and start referring!

If you are not currently participating in our Associates Program, or don’t know what the Associates Program is, here is a summary.

  • We will pay you a base rate of 15% of the sale price for any order that you refer to Zazzle with the opportunity to increase that rate with Volume Bonuses.
  •  You can refer your own products, branded products, products that you like, or even link to ANY page on Zazzle!
  • To allow us to track this, each person upon signing up for a Zazzle Account is given a unique referral ID that is a 12 digit number and can be found at
  • To use your referral ID, simply add ?rf=111111111111 (replacing the ones with your unique ID) to the end of any link. You can also use our various referral link generating tools which can also be found on the Associates Tab of your account.

For more information on the Zazzle Associates Program, check out our guides here!

8 Responses to “New Associates Emails”

  1. sunnymars Says:

    Awesome, thanks Zazzle!

  2. Anne Says:

    Good news, thanks so much!

  3. Michael H. Says:

    And where is this new feature so I can select how often I receive the email?

    • Kirsten Hagerty Says:

      In your account navigate to the ‘account tab’ specifically, under ‘seller account’ you will find ‘notifications’ and you wanna click on notifications. The page will re-load with all your notification settings including this new facility for updates on referred sales. Took me a few tries to figure out where my notifications were, had totally forgot since joining LOL.

  4. Lasgalen Arts Says:

    This will be helpful, thank you.

  5. Donna Says:

    Thank you so much!!! I refer a lot on my blog!~~~~

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