A “Hoppy” Ending for a Rescued Rabbit


A couple of Zazzle Team members have been working behind the scenes to spread the love of Zazzle beyond the world of the finest quality custom products. Check out the story below from Shelly!

A cute fuzzy bunny, you can’t help but smile when you see one. And it’s SO easy to want one of these furry little critters, especially around Easter. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the commitment it takes to care for a rabbit. The Georgia House Rabbit Society (GHRS), a non-profit, all-volunteer organization committed to rescuing, fostering, and adopting abandoned domestic rabbits, recognizes this issue. Enter Zazzle, a 1-year-old rabbit, found in a store parking lot with a broken leg and pregnant. Named by a staffer at GHRS, she gave birth to five baby rabbits just days after being rescued – her leg still in a cast!

Thanks to the caring folks at GHRS, she was able to successfully recover from her injury and nurse her babies to full health. Zazzle (the company) discovered Zazzle the bunny on a lark and was instantly in love with her. We wanted to do nothing less than adopt and help support the shelter and their efforts to care for her and the other rescued rabbits. What better way to do that than help them open a Zazzle store? Zazzle’s Creative Team spent some off hours making a store with fun products featuring actual rabbits from GHRS. The money raised from the sales will go directly to the shelter, so they can continue caring for their rabbits and increasing public awareness. So help out the good folks at GHRS and get a cool Zazzle product at the same time – you’ll get a warm, fuzzy-bunny feeling inside!

Zazzle’s babies. Aren’t they cute? Two bunnies are named after Zazzle employees: far right, Eric; center, Shelly.



For more information, visit:

12 Responses to “A “Hoppy” Ending for a Rescued Rabbit”

  1. harper520 Says:

    Reblogged this on harper520 and commented:
    Bunnies are the best, and I really love Zazzle too :)

  2. Zazzle News: A “Hoppy” Ending for a Rescued Rabbit | teeblr Says:

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  3. Kathy Says:

    This is just beyond cute!

  4. Cherie Says:


  5. cowboyannie Says:

    This is such a heartwarming story! Zazzle is a wonderful company with so many caring people – this is just one more example of that.

  6. Valerie Says:

    Aw! They are adorable. And it’s nice to hear a happy (hoppy) story!

  7. Salon of Art Says:

    Fantastic to see how the good people at Zazzle (the company) have shown support for what looks like a wonderful rescue organization and their latest charge; Zazzle the bunny! I’m proud to be a Z store owner!

  8. Lorrie Morrison Says:

    Now this is a really cute story! Zazzle is a lucky bunny!

  9. Top Pointers for Taking Good Care of your Pet Rabbit | PetBlog Says:

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  10. Rebecca Reeder Says:

    What a great story. Very touching and how nice to know that Zazzle is a company that cars about animals! Three cheers for all animal rescue efforts.

  11. Marlene Says:

    Thank you so much to Zazzle for supporting a charity like this!

  12. buninky Says:

    Thanks to our zazzle store, we have raised about $800 for the bunnies! That pays for many spays and neuters! We are going to be making more products now that we see how fantastic a Zazzle store can be. Thank you to the people at Zazzle once again for helping us and our buns <3

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