No Thumb Tacks Needed: Walls 360 joins Zazzle with Custom Wall Decals


Welcome custom wall decals, the newest product on the Zazzle platform! Launched right before Labor Day in partnership with Walls 360, wall decals are a great way to put art on your walls without putting holes in your walls (you’ll save a fortune on nails and/or Spackle). To make them the funnest ever, we’ve created a TON of free template shapes in the design tool from letters to ladybugs that are sure to complement any space or style. But the best part about wall decals has to be that you can peel and re-stick these decals up to 100 times without ever losing stickiness. It’s great for people like me that constantly find the Feng Shui misaligned with the solstice of my chakras. Check out some of the great new designs posted by Zazzle Sellers below!

Share your favorite wall decals in the comments!

One Response to “No Thumb Tacks Needed: Walls 360 joins Zazzle with Custom Wall Decals”

  1. bluerabbit Says:

    Reblogged this on Contemporary Art on Zazzle and commented:
    Would you like to have one of your paintings made into a wall decal? Here’s a new offering from Zazzle. I plan to post new products soon.

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