5 Tips for Designing iPhone 5 Cases


We’ve invited Nidhi, from the Zazzle store, nidhiart, to give us some tips on designing cases for the iPhone 5. Thanks for being our guest today, Nidhi!  We’ll also be inviting other sellers to guest blog in the future for our regular Thursday series. Take it away, Nidhi!

I’m so excited about the Zazzle iPhone 5 Design Contest that I wanted to provide a few tips for everyone as they are working on their submissions.  I have 5 tricks (yes, 5!) to share for those of you who are newbies or for those of you who have also been designing for awhile.  Anyone can be a seller on Zazzle – it’s such an easy set-up that I encourage all of you first-timers to give it a try.  Why wait?

Tip #1- Design for the product

When designing anything on Zazzle, it’s important to design for the product.  So an illustration that fits on an iPhone case may be different from one that works well on a t-shirt or mug.  Make sure to reconfigure your existing design to fit the product by shrinking or expanding it.  Always keep the iPhone 5 itself in mind – for example, make sure you know where the camera lens cut-out is.  Those features could attract the eye, and even be a focal point for your key design elements.

Tip #2- Tug at those heart strings

The iPhone 5 will be close to everyone’s heart, so tug on those heart strings.  I always tend to go toward bright, bold colors in my illustrations and aim for my images to create an emotional response and make you feel the love!  The image or pattern must warm people’s hearts whenever they look at it or show it to anyone – they will want to have pride in showing off their new case.

Tip #3- Patterns, patterns, everywhere

Even with just a little work, a previously used pattern can be beautiful on an iPhone case.  If you put in the work at the beginning to make the pattern fit the case, you’ll sell more iPhone 5 cases (and make more money!).  For example, a design element that Is a repeated pattern can work well on a case, as long as it’s engaging and fits properly on the case.  What sells well on t-shirts are often statements and words, but for iPhone cases, patterns are the hot thing.

Tip #4- Awesome customization

Don’t forget to keep Zazzle’s powerful customization tools in mind.  For example, you could design a frame that allows people to use your frame with their photo.  So you’re designing something but leaving room for people to add their own individual mark.  Not just photos, but simple, fun text elements are great for people to insert their favorite quotes or phrases.  You’ll still make the sale, as the person who buys it is getting to make something unique with your design!

Tip #5- Excuse me, is my tag showing?

At Zazzle, it’s important to make sure your tags are appropriate!  Tagging can sometimes be a chore, but it’s worth time at the onset.  For this contest, please use this tag – zazzleiphone5casecontest.  You can only submit one entry, so go with your best design!  All of the other cases ought to be tagged using descriptive words, in addition to tags related to the topic or theme (e.g., ‘retro’) and subject of the design (e.g., ‘puppy’).

I’ve already got a few iPhone 5 cases up on Zazzle:

Thanks Nidhi! The Zazzle iPhone 5 Design Contest ends on September 25th, so be sure to enter before the deadline. Good luck and have fun designing!

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  2. Islands Of Time Says:


  3. abundancelovetrip Says:

    thank you for the tips. I like to put my abstract art on cell phone covers.

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