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by was launched when two sisters decided to create merchandise to help rally support for the fight against cancer. Twenty percent of the proceeds go toward a variety of organizations that promote cancer awareness, research and advocacy.

In honor of October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, discusses how they got started and what inspires them to create some of their favorite products. 

Too many people around us have been diagnosed with cancer, and we’ve overcome personal battles with cancer ourselves. We were participating in awareness walks, and we realized that we didn’t have great shirts to wear. Many print shops charge an upfront fee and that’s why we were attracted to Zazzle (along with the selection, ease of use and quality!). We’re proud that is a cancer survivor run store — half of us are cancer survivors.

We are moved by the stories of survivors, and find inspiration and ideas for our products everywhere we go. From listening to cancer patients as a volunteer mentor to the stories cancer survivors write to us to talking about our stories, we’ll often stop and say “Oh, hey that would make an inspiring slogan!” or “That’s a really touching and empowering story — can we create something around that?” One of our favorite lines is our Fight Like a Girl products. The phrase has been around forever (remember grade school?), but one day we stopped and realized that yes, you should fight like a girl. We are braver than people think, and the line is perfect for cancer survivors.

We are passionate about getting the word out. Everything we create is from the perspective of cancer survivors. Having been survivors, we understand the plight from a personal perspective, and we understand what everyone’s going through. It’s not just business for us, it’s a personal mission.

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Scripted Fight Like a Girl Breast Cancer Refrigerator Magnets
Scripted Fight Like a Girl Breast Cancer Refrigerator Magnets by cancerapparel
Breast Cancer Picked The Wrong Diva Mug
Breast Cancer Picked The Wrong Diva Mug by cancerapparel


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    Zazzle, thanks for featuring our shop.

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