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Seller Spotlight: CherylDanielsArt

October 11, 2012

Many Zazzle sellers have varied artistic backgrounds, and Cheryl Daniels from CherylDanielsArt is no exception. An artist since the age of five, Cheryl draws by hand and creates art with digital software. She’s done it all: costume design, fashion illustration, painting and graphic arts. When she’s not managing her 25 stores across Zazzle, dreaming up pop art and surrealist creations for the iPhone 5 case nearest you (or sleeping, apparently), Cheryl runs her own graphic arts and consulting company, ArtZone 360 Graphics.

How does Cheryl do it all? We’re still not really sure, but her talent for modern, funky and eclectic art shows and customers are taking note. One customer loved her business cards so much that she had Cheryl design a truck wrap to cover an entire SUV. Oscar-nominated actor Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings) is also a fan. After seeing some of Cheryl’s artwork on Zazzle, he decided to publish several of her art pieces on his personal blog.

We got her to open up on her top five pieces of advice for any new Zazzler looking to dive in.

5 Pieces of Advice for New Zazzlers

1. Dive In. Just Do It.

Seriously. Don’t be afraid to dive right in. Zazzle is an incredibly friendly community and there are so many wonderful people who are eager to be helpful. Utilize the Zazzle forums. Make friends and ask questions.

2. The Only Limit is Your Imagination.

Even if you’re a comic book artist who solely designs graphic novels or strictly a fine artist who’s only used to selling art on canvases, at Zazzle you can find a medium for you. Zazzle has so many great products. Investigate all possibilities of how your art can sell on items.

3. One Size Does NOT Fit All.

Don’t create one image and slap it onto every product Zazzle has to offer. Be specific. What might look great on a skateboard may not work well on a greeting card. Use Zazzle templates. Nothing looks worse than an image that doesn’t fit the design of the product.

4. Always Remember Your Audience.

Design for your market and pay attention to trends. When I’m designing a business card, I come from that angle and think about the audience I want to attract with that card. Listen to your customers.

5. Do YOU.

Some people tend to copy what they think is a popular style or artist, but the real way to stand out and get sales is to just be yourself. Unique is a good thing, so be original. Whatever your artistic style or medium, Zazzle is definitely the place to flaunt it.

Where to find CherylDanielsArt

On Zazzle: StylishBusinessCards, MagnetCity, Special_Occasions, PartyInvitations, CVenus

G Sharp - Surrealism by Cheryl Daniels Print
G Sharp – Surrealism by Cheryl Daniels Print by CherylDanielsart
Bombshell Zebra 40th Birthday Party Dress Pink
Bombshell Zebra 40th Birthday Party Dress Pink by Special_Occasions
Happy Halloween Cocktail Party Custom Invitations
Happy Halloween Cocktail Party Custom Invitations by Special_Occasions

New Products Are Here!

October 10, 2012

Just in case you’ve missed it, here’s a round-up of our new products on Zazzle!

Yellow Sunflower Wall Decal 
Peel, re-stick and re-re-stick — these wall decals won’t damage walls or leave a sticky residue.

Pacifiers are 100% BPA, PVB, lead and phthalate-free!

Give recognition!

Cassette Tape iPhone 5 Cover

Perfect for your new iPhone 5!

Just in time for election season or Halloween (or anything else you’d want to say)!

Our new dartboards hit the mark!

Funny White Mustache on oak wood background Card Deck

Get your poker face on.

Changeable background owls messenger bag

The Rickshaw Mini Messenger Bag and Large Messenger Bag are perfect for all your items!

Foto Friday!

October 5, 2012

Check out this week’s Foto Friday!

What’s Foto Friday? It’s our weekly blog post of customers enjoying their Zazzle products. Want to join in the fun and earn $5 towards your next Zazzle order? See details on how to participate in Foto Friday.

Hot Dogs Across America Apron

Blues411 Dark T-Shirt

Two carps in the pond Shirt



Join in the fun now! Learn more about submitting your photos and videos to Foto Friday!

Seller Spotlight:

October 4, 2012

Whether you dream of blue donkeys or bleed red elephants, has every item to show your political fervor, frustrations or ambivalence to the world. Launched right after the 2004 election, PolitiClothes has grown into a full product shop of catchy phrases, inspirational slogans and political puns.

Inspired by last night’s presidential debate? Running a political store during the peak time of election season is tough work, but PolitiClothes has some tips for anyone wishing to jump into the political (store) arena.

3 Tips For Running A Political Store

1. Be a Trendspotter

In 2008, it was all about hope and change, and in 2012 it’s all about ___? Well, whatever you decide the theme of this election to be, one thing’s for sure: the political news cycle moves quickly and whatever you design for today will be old news tomorrow. Having an insatiable thirst for current events helps when dreaming up puns or ideas for products, and often the best product slogans come from a mixture of lots of caffeine, the ability to see patterns and jokes in media headlines and a perfectly timed gaffe.

2. Have Thick Skin

In this business, no matter how clever or ingenious the design, you’re bound to ruffle some feathers. Whether it’s a jab at the sitting president or a joke about the most recent debates, you’ll find that audiences will take you seriously when you’re seriously just trying to be funny. Carry on and keep the ideas flowing!

3. Remain Unbiased (Flip-flopping is OK!)

Sometimes, you’ll never know which products will be the most popular. Being able to see both sides of the issue and creatively design for both ends of the political spectrum is necessary. Don’t lean one way or the other (or if you do, don’t let it influence your creative processes), and remember that, in the end, both sides have a sense of humor.

Where to find

On Facebook

On Twitter

Don't Feed the Animals Round Stickers
Don’t Feed the Animals Round Stickers by Politicaltshirts
Member of the Ice Cream Party.png Post Cards
Member of the Ice Cream Party.png Post Cards by Politicaltshirts

Logophiles Rejoice!

October 1, 2012

For all you logophiles, closet linguists and illustrious English majors — your time has come.

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Love the way “discombobulate” rolls off your tongue? Obsessed with the definition of “hemidemisemiquaver”? Can’t get enough of how beautifully the word “callipygian” can be used in the most appropriate situations? Well, now you can put a word on it.

Utilizing our nifty Create-a-Product API, now offers the ability to let you customize your favorite products on Zazzle with your favorite words. Go nuts putting definitions on t-shirts, baby onesies, mugs and iPhone cases — with more products to come!

Other cool partners using our API include Urban Dictionary, South Park (avatar creator) and BeFunky. When Zazzle’s powerful API combines with great partners, the result is an awesome (or should we say “ebullient”) experience with cool products for you.

New Mini and Large Rickshaw Messenger Bags

October 1, 2012

Everybody wants a friend (or two) and the same goes for messenger bags (bags are people too). Launched earlier this year, our Medium Rickshaw Messenger Bag was a bit lonely, so we decided to cheer it up with two new messenger bags! That’s why we launched the Mini Messenger Bag and Large Messenger Bag! The Mini is perfect as a day pack (or purse for the ladies) and the large is a great bag for taking everything (and the kitchen sink) with you on your daily commute. Check out Chris and Mark from Rickshaw modeling the first new Zazzle + Rickshaw Bags off the line!

Also, here are some hot bags just made on Zazzle! Make your custom messenger bag today.


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