Supporting the Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Sandy


Our hearts go out to all of the people who are affected by the hurricane, as many people have lost their lives, their homes, or are suffering without power or water. We wanted to show our support for the relief efforts, as we know the recovery is going to require a lot of resources and a lot of patience from everyone.

We listened closely to our seller community who asked us to create a way for them to sell designs that would support the relief efforts. Sellers can create products for this special cause and tag them “hurricanesupport” so that we can donate the proceeds to recovery efforts. We’d like to encourage sellers with existing products or who are creating new ones to help show Zazzle’s collective support for the recovery efforts. All of the gross profits (including commissions that would ordinarily be paid to sellers) from sales of products that are tagged “hurricanesupport” will be donated directly to nonprofit organizations who are funding the relief and recovery efforts.

We’re asking our sellers and the Zazzle community to help make a difference during this difficult time. We also want to encourage everyone to contribute what they can – supplies, time, or money – to help the recovery that is impacting so many people and their families.

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37 Responses to “Supporting the Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Sandy”

  1. Zazzle News: Supporting the Recovery Efforts for Hurricane Sandy | teeblr Says:

    [...] know the recovery is going to require a lot of resources and…Read the complete post over at Zazzle Blog. Create custom t-shirts and gift items at Zazzle and create your own small [...]

  2. belinhafernandes Says:

    I will contribute!

  3. Support the Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort | Design Style Says:

    [...] The official zazzle blog post on the subject can be found here. [...]

  4. homydesign Says:

    Here’s mine.

  5. Funcards Says:

    How wonderful Zazzle is doing this!
    I’ve donated my lemur calendar for this

  6. BedazzledByZazzle Says:

    Donated these two sets of phone and ipod covers:

  7. Foxxy Tees Says:

    Thank you Zazzle for contributing to the hurricane recovery efforts! What a great way for Zazzle designers to use their creativity to help our fellow Americans.

    I created this design named, “Hope and Love East Coast”

  8. jan4insight Says:

    Thank you! Here is my contribution, and I will be adding more products:

  9. Stan Feldman Says:

    I think that is a great idea.

  10. good deeds are easy Says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful support of the many superstorm victims. Zazzle and zazzle sellers are great supporters of good deeds!

  11. Lorna Muscott Says:

    Thank you Zazzle, I’m so happy to be able to help! Currently in the process of designing products, state specific, for contribution to the hurricane recovery efforts. These are my first, New Jersey versions:

  12. musesquill Says:

    Excellent shout out for all effected. Indeed our prayers as well!

  13. artbyjehf Says:

    Thank you Zazzle!

  14. Simone Gatterwe Says:

    Donated these set of phone and ipod covers:

  15. Ricaso Says:

    Thanks zazzle .. here are ours…

  16. PattiJAdkins Says:

    I contributed a few products, too. Thank you Zazzle.

  17. oconnart Says:

    Had 2 sales already of my hurricane sandy survivor, mug & t-shirt.

  18. Gale Says:

    Wow! 100%! I’ll be adding some things for sure (just added one…will add more).

  19. TandZ Says:

    I also tagged some of my products. We had floods this week in Slovenia, a lot of homes were destroyed, but it was nothing like Sandy.

  20. Valerie Says:

    The Kitty Protectors knew they had to help! Here are some designs I donated:

  21. Lasgalen Arts Says:

    I think this is a wonderful thing to do. My contributions are;
    * Pretty Holly Christmas Card ::
    * Enchanted Garden Wall Greeting Card ::
    * Happy Children Vintage Christmas Card ::
    * Silver Snowflake Pattern DoDoCase ::

  22. Jane Tellam (Jinx) (@JinxTellam) Says:

    Mindgoop will be adding our support by making various products – only just got the internet back on today after being without it for nearly three weeks after our landlord cut through the internet cable! Darknirv and I are very glad that Zazzle has set up a way for us to help out those affected by this tragedy.
    - Jinx

  23. CrayzeeStuff Says:

    CrayzeeStuff is also supporting the recovery efforts

  24. Gale Says:

    It looks like if you want to have it listed on Zazzle’s Hurrican Sandy page then hurricanesupport needs to be in the top ten tags. True? If so than that might be a good thing to mention on this post. :-)

  25. Jane Tellam (Jinx) (@JinxTellam) Says:

    Donated this canvas print which is also available on various products. Hope it helps.
    jinx at Mindgoop

  26. H. Lee (artNimages) Says:

    Haiti needs even more help than those up north. They truely don’t have anything at all.

  27. Cindy Says:

    Here is a couple from me. Going to do more.

    Thank you Zazzle for doing this.

  28. Cindy Says:

    Here is a Squidoo lens with lots of Support items from Zazzle. I know the person who created it.

  29. [ZAZZLE] Zazzle Allowing Artists to Donate 100% To Sandy Victims! - T-Shirt Forums Says:

    [...] [...]

  30. Denise Beverly Says:

    I have added one as well.

  31. denise beverly db visual arts Says:

    Second version of shirt Beaten and bruised but not defeated.

  32. Gale Says:

    Question: I notice when I change the domain to something other than a .com on Hurricane donations page the info about the items benefiting Hurricane Sandy does not show up. I’m assuming profits still go to charity on these items even if bought through an non-US domain, but I thought I better ask.

    Also, it seems like the items don’t show up on that page if you don’t put them in the first ten. But the profits still go to charity right, even if it’s not in the first ten?

  33. cmstein Says:

    I love that we can help the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts with our designs and products. I have created a few and will do a some more. I live in the New York area and I come in contact with people who were directly affected by this disaster. Their stories break your heart. I am glad I can help with my designs, Here is one of them

  34. Gale Says:

    I added ALL my gift boxes several days ago. Still not showing up in the hurricane page…even when I narrow it down to just boxes (and there’s not even a full page of boxes there). Most of my boxes have the tag in the top 10. Other products that I added about the same time are showing up in the hurricane relief page. Just wondering why not the boxes?

  35. Ricaso Says:

    Ricaso have added these Christmas Santa hat photo template stamps to our hurricane Sandy support products,

    also available .. our USA heart products

    along with apparel

  36. Seller Spotlight: KenKPhoto « Zazzle Blog Says:

    [...] This holiday season, we’re thankful for Zazzle sellers and designers, like KenKPhoto, who have created and tagged (“hurricanesupport”) products to show their support for relief efforts. Zazzle will be donating all of the gross profits from tagged products to nonprofit organizations [...]

  37. lizadeyphoto Says:

    I live in NYC, and am near Ground Zero of the relief efforts. Wondering what charities the monies are going to? Would really like to know; as someone who knows people directly affected by the storm, I am acutely aware that some charities are better than others. The Red Cross, for instance, has actually come under a great deal of fire on the ground for being ill-prepared, somewhat inept, and never reaching certain neighborhoods. Thanks!

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