Zazzle Instant #Zaturday: Introducing Posters!


“Zazzle Instant #Zaturday” is our 3-part series on Saturday, where we announce a new feature on our Zazzle Instant iOS app. 

Last #Zaturday, we announced some nifty updates to Zazzle Instant. But that’s not all. If you’ve got the iOS app, today we’ve turned on another special feature. Here’s Ben, Zazzle Instant guru: 

Good morning. During recent weeks we’ve worked on a number of exotic features for Zazzle Instant. Some of them are still lost in the safari, but as of right now, one of them is all yours: You can get sizeable, high-quality posters for just 99 cents. Shipping is on us. Please allow me to make some comparisons:

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 9.16.17 AM


Fill your life with beautiful photos without breaking the bank. There’s no need to update your copy of Zazzle Instant—99 cent posters should be available as soon as you open the app while on service or WiFi. You work your magic with the camera, and we’ll work ours with the printer. With that, I return to the jungle.

4 Responses to “Zazzle Instant #Zaturday: Introducing Posters!”

  1. janetantepara Says:

    Very cool deal!! Thanks!!

  2. Valerie Says:

    that sounds very cool

  3. sylviacook Says:

    I have tried repeatedly to do this on an ipad2 with files that are plenty big, 5.9 mb file 5400x3600px at 300dpi. I keep getting the message that the file size is too small. I can make posters on my Zazzle website with the same file sizes!!
    Whats wrong?

  4. Rebecca Reeder Says:

    99 cent posters. How fun.

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