Zazzle Instant #Zaturday: Now Offering iPad Mini Cases!


Zazzle Instant #Zaturday is our 3-part series on Saturday, where we announce a new feature on our Zazzle Instant iOS app. 

Read Zaturday Part 1 here

Read Zaturday Part 2 here

Last #Zaturday, we announced that you could now get sizeable, high-quality posters for only 99 cents from Zazzle Instant. Today, we’re flipping the final switch, updating our Live Feed, and giving you the ability to make iPad mini cases — all straight from our iOS app. Here’s Ben, Zazzle Instant guru: 

Why look at one thing when you can look at many things? We’ve reworked the appearance of the Live Feed in Zazzle Instant to show you more stuff, more rapidly and more often. You’ll feel like child Bruce Wayne when he fell down the well full of bats, but in a good way.


It’s like crank for your eyeballs.

Secondly, we’ve added iPad Mini cases. You could buy one and put it inside an iPad case, and then put an iPhone case inside both the cases, to form a set of Russian nesting cases. You could alternatively use it to protect your iPad Mini.


I am the batman.

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