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Your Favorite Broadway Shows — Off-Broadway, on Zazzle

December 13, 2012

Good news for Broadway lovers – we’ve teamed up with Exclusively Broadway to start providing customizable merchandise, with five Broadway and two Off-Broadway stores now available on our site. T-shirt T-shirt by exclusivelybroadway 
If you’re a fan of Memphis the Musical, The Toxic Avenger, Kris Kringle, and Ghost the Musical, you can now show your excitement with customizable posters, iPad cases, magnets, apparel and more.
GHOST - The Musical Logo Laptop Skin
GHOST – The Musical Logo Laptop Skin by ghostthemusical

In addition, if you love Nessa or Nigel from Four Little Monsters, or even the Chippendales — we have those stores, too.

Exclusively Broadway is a program of and Broadway Across America. Stay tuned for more of your favorite Broadway plays and musicals coming to Zazzle next year.

Allrecipes — Now on Zazzle!

December 12, 2012

For anyone who’s ever had a late-night craving or been tasked at the last minute with cooking for the in-laws, has been a savior for hurried or stumped chefs everywhere.

Allrecipes is the number one destination for recipes (more than 40,000 recipes are on the site!), cooking tips and how-to food videos, all rated by other users. More than just a recipe site, Allrecipes is a social network for food lovers, housing a forum where users can submit recipes and engage with the rest of the Allrecipes community.

Got a craving for green bean casserole? Forgot how to make the perfect scalloped potatoes? Allrecipes has every recipe imaginable, including the ability to search by keyword, ingredient and menu. Here at Zazzle, we’re excited to partner with Allrecipes. On their store, you’ll find customizable Allrecipes products, and expect many more designs and collections to launch in 2013. Check it out!

Allrecipes Logo Binder
Allrecipes Logo Binder by allrecipes

It’s Mustache Madness

December 12, 2012

Movember may have come and gone, but we’re still seeing the popular “stache” across many Zazzle products. For those of you who don’t know about Movember, it’s an annual, month-long event put on by the Movember Foundation, and mustaches are grown and flaunted to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

Mustache Pacifiers
Mustache Pacifiers by the_little_gift_shop

The popularity of the mustache has exploded, and we’ve noticed some pretty interesting trends here at Zazzle:

  • When did the mustache madness start? It wasn’t too long ago. We started seeing mustache sales take off in October 2010. We’ve also seen around a 35 percent increase in sales this Movember versus Movember of 2011.
  • Think you’re going to find a product on Zazzle that’s sold without ever having a mustache grace it? Think again! Almost every single product line we have has sold with a mustache on it in the last 12 months.
  • Where are these mustaches going? Would it be easier to spot a mustache on a Zazzle shirt or on a Zazzle button in the wild? Our top five products that have sold with a mustache on it are shirts, mugs, iPhone cases, buttons and stamps, in that order.

They’re also on pun shirts:

i mustache you a question tee shirts
i mustache you a question tee shirts by kerrinsellstshirts 

Engagement postage:

Kissing Booth - Mr + Mrs Postage Stamps
Kissing Booth – Mr + Mrs Postage Stamps by Envelopments

Staring at you when you sip your morning coffee:

Mustache Coffee Mug
Mustache Coffee Mug by JBB926

Decorating your pretty iPhone case:

Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustaches iPhone 5 Covers
Funny Girly Colorful Patterns Mustaches iPhone 5 Covers by kicksdesign

Next time Movember rolls around or you’re feeling in the mustache mood, check out our products!

Zazzle Instant #Zaturday: Introducing Posters!

December 8, 2012

“Zazzle Instant #Zaturday” is our 3-part series on Saturday, where we announce a new feature on our Zazzle Instant iOS app. 

Last #Zaturday, we announced some nifty updates to Zazzle Instant. But that’s not all. If you’ve got the iOS app, today we’ve turned on another special feature. Here’s Ben, Zazzle Instant guru: 

Good morning. During recent weeks we’ve worked on a number of exotic features for Zazzle Instant. Some of them are still lost in the safari, but as of right now, one of them is all yours: You can get sizeable, high-quality posters for just 99 cents. Shipping is on us. Please allow me to make some comparisons:

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 9.16.17 AM


Fill your life with beautiful photos without breaking the bank. There’s no need to update your copy of Zazzle Instant—99 cent posters should be available as soon as you open the app while on service or WiFi. You work your magic with the camera, and we’ll work ours with the printer. With that, I return to the jungle.

“Make Holiday Magic” Pinterest Sweepstakes

December 7, 2012

Are you a Vintage Betty that would love a faux leopard print clutch? Need to let your friends know that you’d love a geekstastic Space Cadet “Nerds Rule” t-shirt? Most importantly, do you love Pinterest?


This holiday season, we’ve been busy highlighting personalities from our brand-new Gift Center, a destination for one-stop holiday shopping. We’ve stocked it full of t-shirts, mugs, iPad cases, ornaments and many other gifts for every special person on your list.

But now we want to know what you love with our Make Holiday Magic Pinterest Sweepstakes. What’s your style? Are you a Crafty Gal or a Pun Guy? If you repin and let us know between December 6th and December 21st, we’ll help you make holiday magic with $250 (with 25 other lucky winners scoring $25 gift certificate).

All you have to do to be entered is repin five pins from our “Make Holiday Magic Sweepstakes” board, including the Sweepstakes Pin. (View Official Rules). Repin the items that are totally you, repin the items that you would love as a gift this season, repin the items that are your holiday favorites – - go pin crazy.

Head on over here to repin! We’ll be watching and keeping track. Good luck!


Shed a Sweet Light with Hanukkah Decorations and More

December 7, 2012

Who’s ready for eight straight nights of dreidel, latkes and presents? We so are — and our thousands of Hanukkah products will get you ready for your gatherings and parties.

Bring extra joy to your home with our Happy Hanukkah Ornaments

Happy Hanukkah Ornament
Happy Hanukkah Ornament by KimmieKreates

Add sweetness to your sufganiot with a Happy Hanukkah Plate to show them off on –

<Happy Hanukkah> with a Menorah by Steve Collier Party Plate
<Happy Hanukkah> with a Menorah by Steve Collier Party Plate by corbisimages

And spread the chag sameach to all your loved ones with a personalized Hanukkah Candle Lights greeting card –

Blue Tonal Hanukkah Candle Lights
Blue Tonal Hanukkah Candle Lights by mishpocha

Wishing you and your family a festival full of light and joy.

Foto Friday

December 7, 2012

Check out this week’s Foto Friday!

What’s Foto Friday? It’s our weekly blog post of customers enjoying their Zazzle products. Want to join in the fun and earn $5 towards your next Zazzle order? See details on how to participate in Foto Friday.

QUADS – Tenor Drums Tshirts




I created this ornament for the Christmas tree at my work. Last year we started a tradition for all employees to bring in an ornament from home, but I wanted to design my own. I designed it in Photoshop, Zazzle produced it, and now everyone is enjoying it. Thanks Zazzle! – Scott

Ready to ship to Washington DC. This canvas print of “Mile High Skyline” was selected for display in the office of U.S. Senator Michael Bennett of Colorado. – Kevin
Mile High Skyline Print


Join in the fun now! Learn more about submitting your photos and videos to Foto Friday!

Seller Spotlight: AudreyJeanne

December 6, 2012

One of Zazzle’s biggest fans is AudreyJeanne, artist extraordinaire with a background in watercolor, graphic design, amalgamated art, calligraphy and more. She paid a visit to our Z headquarters recently and we chatted with her about her background in art, what she loves to design and why she loves Zazzle with a passion.

I wish Zazzle existed back in the day, when my kids were little. I’m a professional artist — I’ve done it all and seen the art world change. As a licensed artist, I can tell you firsthand that it used to be that you could have thousands of images and art that are market worthy, but most wouldn’t see the light of day. It is almost impossible to get your art out there unless you have a great agent or go through the tedious work of doing art show circuits and hope that one or two collections will be picked by a store or a manufacturer. I’m blessed with the best of both worlds, a great agency, MHS Licensing, and a place to test and prove my designs prior to offering them for licensing.

As a licensed artist, you have to be aware of trends, yet you still have to have your own unique vision. There’s tremendous pressure. The joy of Zazzle is that I can get to do what I love and not be a slave to whims or an art trend. I don’t have to bang on doors. I don’t have to have one niche (though I do love elegant, vintage and feminine) and I can let the different sides of me show. I can stay at home, do what I love and be who I am. Zazzle gives me a place where I can take my art and say, “Where can I put this?” To me, that’s amazing. Zazzle is a phenomenal outlet for artistic expression and I encourage all artists out there to give it a try.

My personal style is varied — I love elegant, sophisticated and modern, and tend towards traditional with a touch of edge. I love the invites on Zazzle and love designing for weddings. It’s really a two-way street with customers — you have to be open to feedback. I try to create invites that fit their individual style, as well as color pallette. What’s so fun about Zazzle is that I’m able to have many stores with varying styles, some that you’d never expect from me. I have the freedom and support to create!

Sock Monkey, Fire Truck Boy Baby Shower Invitation
Sock Monkey, Fire Truck Boy Baby Shower Invitation by AudreyJeanne

Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My!

December 5, 2012

For all of you animal lovers out there, we are pleased to announce the National Wildlife Federation store on Zazzle which features more than 1,000 great wildlife photographs and paintings on a wide range of products. All of these breathtaking images were donated by nature enthusiasts so the National Wildlife Federation can pursue partnerships (such as this one with Zazzle) as a way to raise funds to help protect wildlife. These images are beautiful and adorable and make perfect gifts for loved ones or gifts for yourself.

These lion cub triplets don’t won’t give anyone nightmares and could be a perfect addition for a child’s bedroom – that is, until they get old enough to learn how to roar.

Lion Cub Triplets Mattas Print
Lion Cub Triplets Mattas Print by nationalwildlife

This Sumatran tiger is a rare tiger that inhabits the Indonesian land of Sumatra. Sadly the tiger was classified as critically endangered a few years ago, but now you can help raise awareness about its beauty and power.

Sumatran Tiger Pettitt iPhone 5 Covers
Sumatran Tiger Pettitt iPhone 5 Covers by nationalwildlife

This brown bear and her cub were spotted in the wilds of Finland and caught on film for everyone to appreciate their intensity. Impress your friends and call them by their Latin name, Ursus arctos.

Brown Bear Randall Ward hires Ornaments
Brown Bear Randall Ward hires Ornaments by nationalwildlife

Snuggling up to the three-toed sloth – the adorable tree-living mammal — more your style? This pillow would be the ideal way to bring the animal into your home for afternoon naptime.

All of these beautiful creatures can be customized to appear on various Zazzle products including shirts, posters, canvas, iPhone and iPad cases, mugs, stationery, and much more. Please visit here to learn more about the National Wildlife Federation.

Customized School Merchandise Now Available on Zazzle

December 4, 2012

Zazzle has partnered with Louisiana State University, Stanford University, Tulane University, University of California Berkeley, University of Florida, and University of Missouri and is now offering customized merchandise.

Now fans of all ages can connect with their favorite school and purchase customized merchandise online. By giving you the power to create unique products and gifts instantly, you can achieve a whole new level of interaction with your school. Customizable merchandise includes messenger bags, water bottles, cases, invitations, mugs, and much more.

For example, an alumni could purchase a product with a specific class year, undergraduate major, or student organization. Now alumni, family members, and students all over the world can create and buy customized merchandise for their school. Perfect timing for gift ideas for the recent college grad who is proud of their alma mater, or the alum who gets nostalgic for the college days.

Stanford Tree Graduation Alumni Pride Canvas Bag
Stanford Tree Graduation Alumni Pride Canvas Bag by Stanford

You can easily choose your own design and select specific products to customize. Products are instantly and accurately visualized on the Zazzle site and offered in the Zazzle marketplace. Each product is made on-demand, when ordered, typically within 24 hours. Time to get shopping!


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