“Occupy Valentine’s Day” and Other Gifts in Protest of Stupid Cupid


Roses are pricey, who still buys violets, sugar’s unhealthy, and so is Valentine’s Day (to some people, whether they’re single or shackled — I mean, taken).

In addition to thousands of earnest Valentine’s Day gifts, we have a host of Anti-Valentine’s Day offerings for anyone who hates the holiday, who wants to celebrate being single, or both. Whatever your style, we can help with your quest to protest Valentine’s Day or make the best of it.

Maybe you want to invite your friends over for a girls’ night in? Start the mood right with the defiant Conversation Hearts or Singles Party invitation:

Funny Valentine's Day conversation hearts Invite
Funny Valentine’s Day conversation hearts Invite by holidaywhimsy
Singles Party Valentine's Day Invitation
Singles Party Valentine’s Day Invitation by marlenedesigner

Remember those “best friends forever” necklaces you wore every day when you were twelve? Same spirit, new symbol: show solidarity with your dissident friends with an “Anti-Valentine’s Day” or “Best Friends For Life” mug:

Anti Valentine’s Day Mug
Anti Valentine’s Day Mug by CSfotobiz
Best Friends Mugs
Best Friends Mugs by orsobear

To brace yourself for the onslaught of lovey-dovey sentimentality everywhere, adorn yourself with the defiant “Occupy Valentine’s Day” button and take a stand:

Funny Anti Valentines Day Quotes On Buttons Pins
Funny Anti Valentines Day Quotes On Buttons Pins by TheNiftyGifty

Make the day yours, and do your thing. This Valentine’s Day series is over.

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