Wedding Trends: Interesting Wedding Themes 2013


In TDSWhite’s (the dynamic duo of Matthew and Trevor) last post, they gave us a look at their top five wedding patterns for 2013. In this post, they point out some interesting wedding themes for 2013. 

It is often said that everything old is new again. That’s definitely true when it comes to trendy weddings in the 2013 wedding season. Brides will be welcoming wedding planning help from grandmothers and great-grandmothers if they choose to go with Art Deco themes featuring the glamorous 1920’s, along with elements and influences of the 1930’s and 1940’s. This revival of recent history is one of the hottest wedding themes this year. It brings Art Deco into the 21st century with rich colors, clean lines, bold shapes and intricate ornamentation.

Template Wedding Invitations
Template Wedding Invitations by TDSwhite

Are you ready to take your wedding over the rainbow? The experts say that you have a good chance of doing that this year, as rainbow theme weddings are the next big thing in wedding planning. A rainbow-wedding theme makes unique use of some or all of the colors in the rainbow by incorporating them throughout the various stages of the wedding. Two popular ideas include colorful wedding invitations and multi-colored flower arrangements. This rainbow concept easily and naturally carries over to wedding attire also. Each groomsman can wear a different color tie and coordinating handkerchief sticking out of the pocket, and each bridesmaid can wear different colored shoes.

Rainbow Wedding Invitations Online Custom Template
Rainbow Wedding Invitations Online Custom Template by TDSwhite

Birds, birds, birds! From peacocks and doves to robins and cute little love birds, incorporating these fine feathered friends into a wedding theme is all the rage this year. Feathers make an interesting textural and colorful addition to flower arrangements. Gilded birdcages may be used as table center pieces (either as is or filled with flowers), while little bird nests may hold egg-shaped chocolates or other favors. You can also use mini-nests on the table as a base for place cards and table number cards.

Blue Gray Birdcage Wedding Save The Date Postage Stamps
Blue Gray Birdcage Wedding Save The Date Postage Stamps by PineAndBerry

When does “out of style” suddenly become stylish? It’s what happens when you’re thinking about planning a vintage wedding. If people are always telling you to “get with the times,” then a vintage-themed wedding might be right up your alley. Ironically, having a wedding that utilizes vintage elements will actually make you trendy in 2013 because vintage-wedding themes will be big this year. Ideas to capture the vintage look include using large floral prints, intricate lace patterns, and old-fashioned typography. Vintage inspired color combinations such as pink / gold, black / white, and mint / yellow will play a major role in this wedding theme.

1920s Theme Wedding Invitation Template
1920s Theme Wedding Invitation Template by TDSwhite

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