And The Winner Is…Your Awesome Awards Party


Welcome to Awards Season!  As you know, the 85th Academy Awards will take place on February 24, 2013, and Zazzle is a great place to prep for a winning red carpet party. It’s time for the dresses, speeches, singing and awards — just make your guest list and leave the rest to us. From cinematic invitations to decorations galore, we have everything you need to be voted Best Party (in a Leading Role) by a landslide.

First off, get them banging down the door with a genuine Retro Movie Ticket invitation:

Retro Movie Ticket Invitations
Retro Movie Ticket Invitations by UniqueInvites

Give your glasses of bubbly something to rest on between sips with our Film Countdown Coasters, and throw back to the black-and-white days:

Film Countdown Coaster
Film Countdown Coaster by DryGoods

Offer up your chips, dips and other bites on a Vintage Movie Poster Plate:

Vintage Movie Poster Dinner Plate
Vintage Movie Poster Dinner Plate by vintagepromenade

Or mix and match with the eye-catching Movie Night Plate:

Movie Night Plate (Style A)
Movie Night Plate (Style A) by ridgerooms

And for the times that your friends’ eyes aren’t glued to the small screen, let them linger on a vintage poster of The Blob or another classic:

The Blob Poster
The Blob Poster by vintage_images

Now all you need to figure out is, “who are you wearing?”

One Response to “And The Winner Is…Your Awesome Awards Party”

  1. Nicole L Marques Says:

    Congrats to all! :-)

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