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Jill from thepinkschoolhouse spent a few years as a teacher and realized something. For her generation of teachers, there was a lack of hip, creative and trendy designs. “How many school buses and little apples does a teacher really want?” Jill thought. Jill took some time to talk about her background and favorite products with us.

I’ve been an artist my entire life, since elementary school. I’ve done art shows, art club in high school and lots of mural work. When I decided to become a teacher, I would still make my own bulletin boards and materials for my classroom. A lot of the other teachers would always comment that they loved my creations.

I started The Pink Schoolhouse because I knew I wanted to create products for my generation of teachers, and incorporate trendier designs — like animal prints and polka dots. I knew that teacherswanted this and if there’s one piece of advice I have out there for other designers and sellers, it’s to know your audience and your niche.

One of my first creations was a binder for teacher lesson plans, which was a hit. It had leopard and zebra prints, and teachers could personalize the cover. I also love creating tote bags – they’re affordable and make great gifts for teachers.

Here are some of my favorite products:

Art Teacher Paint Splatter Apple Apron
Art Teacher Paint Splatter Apple Apron by thepinkschoolhouse

This art teacher apron features an illustration of an apple filled with a paint splatter design. Art teachers can have such a positive effect on a school and its students, so I definitely didn’t want to leave them out. I also design products for media specialists and parapros, as well as music, special education, and P.E. teachers.

Teacher Bag - Red Owl At Chalkboard
Teacher Bag – Red Owl At Chalkboard by thepinkschoolhouse

Teacher appreciation week 2013 is May 6th through May 10th. Tote bags are an affordable and functional gift idea because most teachers carry loads of books, papers and supplies to and from the classroom on a daily basis. This bag features an illustration of an owl — a very trendy animal right now. Personalize it with your teacher’s name on the chalkboard beside the owl!

Green Apple Multicolor Polka Dots Teacher Business Card Template
Green Apple Multicolor Polka Dots Teacher Business Card Template by thepinkschoolhouse

Teachers need business cards, just like any other professional. These are great for networking with other educators, as well as to give to the parents of students. This business card is professional with a fun illustration of a green apple and has a polka dot design in a trendy color scheme.

Teacher Binder - Zebra Print & Pink
Teacher Binder – Zebra Print & Pink by thepinkschoolhouse

Like many teachers, I used a 3 ring binder to keep my lesson plans, attendance records, and other important papers organized. Some educators keep their binders with them at all times while on the job, so this zebra print binder is useful and stylish accessory to carry at school.

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  1. Nicole L Marques Says:

    Great job and good luck Jill! :-)

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