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The Great Design Tool Migration

If you’ve noticed different design tools on some products versus others, it’s not your eyes playing tricks. For the next three months, we’ll be focused on converting roughly 60 design tools from the old to the new platform tool.

We’re working to help you take advantage of streamlined product creation, different fonts and unlimited rotation with our products. We want customers to find what they need — a customer searching for elephant iPhone cases, for example, can now find the design that they want on many more phone styles and options.

(Psstt – Here’s a tool tip for unlimited rotation: Hold down the CTRL key and click the rotate button. This will give you the ability to incrementally rotate images and text down to an exact degree.)

Our Merchandising Team Wants Your Designs

Our merchandising team has plenty in store for 2013 and they want to see your designs! They’ll be reaching out frequently to let you know about upcoming campaigns and how you can get involved. They’re looking for new content and products timed to holidays, so remember to frequently check our Merchandising Forum section.

They’re doing a call for designs for Valentine’s Day right now – don’t miss out.

Royalty Reminder

Just a reminder to have your store royalty updates ready by the 19th of each month. Another tip – if you’re selling at a single rate across all of your stores, you can adjust royalties with a single click by visiting Account Tab/Seller Account/Default Royalty.

Calling All Honey Badger and U.S. Army Fans

The best thing about Zazzle’s recent partnership with the U.S. Army and Randall’s Honey Badger is the chance for you to submit your own unique designs and fan merchandise. We’d love to see your designs for both stores! Remember to create original designs — and keep it in good taste. Don’t use official images or logos that you find on the web.

For more in-depth rules and how to get started, please see Rules and Regulations for U.S. Army Fan Merch and Randall’s Honey Badger.

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7 Responses to “Seller News and Updates”

  1. Jenny Says:

    The only reason I don’t add to my shop more often, is because it takes up SO much time!
    My last design, which I set to go into my political section, kept vanishing. I find it in newly listed, move it, and in a few days it’s moved out again. I have no clue why and finally got fed up. Missed the election. Didn’t even know my stuff wasn’t showing up where I put it until after the fact. Only a mouse pad manages to stay where I put it. Same design! I finally edited the entire batch AGAIN. And now it’s there. Of course too late for the last election period. And I still don’t know what caused this.

    Then…. I wish wish wish you would make it possible for me to select ALL the products I want. From ALL the products you have.
    AT ONE TIME! Same tags, same image.
    Quick create doesn’t do it. I have to delete several things that a design isn’t made for, and several items that would work I have to then add one at a time.
    If I have a large square image, it would work on shirts, stickers, mouse pads, boxes, tiles, square pendants, keychains etc. But not on ties, baby, round anything and so on. But I can’t do that. I either have to add ONE blasted item at a time to my shop with all the editing needed each and every time, which can literally take HOURS.
    What I usually do is work on crafts and list on Artfire. Let this go. It’s just no fun struggling with a very confusing site. I hardly ever add anything. I could do both but get so frustrated with the site here that to keep my own sanity I’d just as soon do something else.

  2. Paul Messing Says:

    RE: >> Just a reminder to have your store royalty updates ready by the 19th of each month…<< Royalty updates? This is the first I've heard the term. What does this mean?

    • ZapTime Says:

      It means if someone makes a change in their royalty rate it has to be ready by the 19th of the month. The royalty rates can only be changed once a month.

  3. Blair Wainman Says:

    Great info and updates!! I recently tried the “unlimited rotation” tip but couldn’t get it to function. Is it operational yet or what could be the problem?

  4. Linda Lehtonen Says:

    need new fonts, like the rotation and we need more catagories —- i have asked for you to add things that we make for over a year….you don’t have “tie” for one…come on….we make iphone cases, none for that…plates, pillows, jewlery, clocks, and the words for discribing our cards needs lots of work..sympathy for one, across the miles, to name two. nobody has even replied to my e mails and YOU ASK for us to give you suggestions. I make hundreds of cards and it would make me so happy to have more catagores etc. Thanks in advance :)

  5. Madamdreamweaver Says:

    I submitted a shirt to the usarmyfanmerch and it’s been nearly a week without a response of any kind, despite the fact it said an effort to respond in 24 hours was the goal. If it’s needs a change, it should be send back with the recommendation promptly.

  6. Transfinite Says:

    The new design tool doesn’t work for t-shirts. It tells me to pick a size even if I’m not trying to buy the product, but it won’t even LET me pick a size. The option is greyed-out entirely.

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