The 60s Are Back


If you’re a fan of Twiggy, The Who, black-and-white and all things British Invasion — you’re in luck. As we approach spring this year, there’s been a revival of Mod trends from the late 50s to 60s on Zazzle.

Here’s some highlights we’ve been seeing:

Crossed Squares Wristlet
Crossed Squares Wristlet by annioli

Everything black, white, geometric and Mod-ish — is in. Show off your Mod style with this crossed squares wristlet.

Black White Checked - iPhone 5 Case
Black White Checked – iPhone 5 Case by stdjura

The hip and Mod youth may not have had iPhones back then, but this doesn’t mean you can’t sport some Mod black-and-white checkers on your iPhone case today.

Mod Target T-shirts
Mod Target T-shirts by TheModShop

It’s not just a simple target. Who knew the roundel, used by the Royal Air Force and later as stage apparel by The Who, would become the symbol of Mods and Mod revival? Find it on a t-shirt here.

Black Scooter Tote Bags
Black Scooter Tote Bags by jemzydesigns

Some popular elements of Mod subculture included motor scooters. If you can’t ride around town on a real vespa, you can least have it on this tote.

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