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My husband and I tried to get pregnant for months but were not able to do so (because of my thyroid cancer which I was soon to find out). A few months later I was at doctors with a minor cold. While he was feeling my neck & throat, he felt a lump on my thyroid so about a year or more later I finally got the biopsy on the lump and it came back as cancer my heart & stomach stopped at those words being told to me that at age 27 I had thyroid cancer. I got on a waiting list to a excellent surgeon who does many thyroidectomys and finally after months of waiting and stress had it removed along with one of my para thyroids. They sent my thyroid away with the tumor on it to check if the cancer had spread. Luckily it had not, but I still needed radiation to kill the remaining thyroid cells that were left behind from surgery. Again the thought of this was terrifying, but it had to be done so I was preparing for that. A month after I had my thyroid removed, I went for blood work in prep for the radiation and it came back with a very low pregnancy reading. It was inconclusive because it was so low so I went back a week later and it had tripled. I was pregnant right when we weren’t trying…I was terrified once again at the thought of putting off my radiation for the pregnancy. But my doctor reassured me everything would be fine and I could go ahead with breast feeding and get my radiation done. Now my beautiful baby girl is now 20.5 months old, healthy, and the love of my life. I had to get my radiation, which was very hard to go through with a small child and a husband who works away and travels back and forth, but I have made it through it all and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger they say. I just had my six month follow up and got a clean bill of health! I couldn’t be more happy with my beautiful daughter & the gift of a clean bill of health! I love the shirt and 2 key chains I got from Zazzle for me, a close friend, and co-worker who recently just went through the exact same thing as I. It’s heartbreaking. -Jessica

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  1. Valerie Says:

    Those kids are cute

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