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6 Steps to Getting the Most Out of the Earnings CSV File

We want to make sure sellers are getting the most out of the earnings CSV file — a file that allows you to download your earnings to a simple spreadsheet to know how much you’ll receive in your next payment.

Here are 6 steps for using the file:

  1. Determine Pay Period Dates: Pay periods always start and end on the first and last day of the month. You can hold your payment until a later date, so a pay period may be more than one month. Determine which date to start by taking a look at your Payment History to see the last time you were paid, and start on the first day of the previous month. The end date is determined by two months prior to pay date (for March payment, end date is January 31st). You can set the dates in the custom date range filter in your Earnings History.
  2. Filter Out Cancellations: This will ensure that you’re only downloading your cleared/pending earnings. 
  3. Remove the Volume Bonus: These earnings only show up in your report after the pay period. You will be adding the Volume Bonus back in later. 
  4. Use the Auto Sum Function: Once you download the CSV, use the auto sum function to add up the amount earned in royalties and referrals for your pay period.
  5. Add Back in the Volume Bonus: Show your volume bonus earnings by unchecking all other filters. The volume bonus for your pay period is found by looking at the date in the description, not the date it posted to the report. 
  6. Remember Deductions: Some of the amount that you’re eligible to receive may have been deducted if you’ve placed an order with your earnings.

Our Customer Support Team is always happy to help. Contact them here.

What is Visualization?

In our recent three-part series on our blog, we took a look at how visualization plays a crucial role in bringing your favorite Zazzle products to life.

Read all about visualization and meet some of the members of the team who make the magic happen.


PINterest Your Products

The power of Pinterest can no longer be ignored. Since May 2012, Pinterest traffic has doubled and it’s now the third largest social network, behind Facebook and Twitter.

Many sellers, such as TDSWhite, have found success using Pinterest as a platform for cross-promotion, and for driving referral traffic and revenue.

Sign up for Pinterest and remember to create boards around your products!


FanMerch Updates

Stay tuned for new FanMerch partners coming soon! We’ll have many more exciting properties this summer.

U.S. Army

FanMerch Program: Thank you for all of your submissions to the U.S. Army FanMerch program! Please be patient as various parties approve each of your products. We encourage all sellers to submit one design per product for preliminary approval (you can place your design on a wider range of products after it’s approved).

Insignias: The U.S. Army has updated FanMerch terms and elected to reject insignias. While sellers can still make unit insignias available within the Zazzle marketplace, insignias cannot be made available within the official U.S. Army FanMerch flow and cannot be tagged as “US Army” or “United States Army.”We’ll be removing these products and restoring them directly within each seller store — you’ll receive an email if your product is removed.

New Products

We’ve got new products approved — including belt buckles, candy jars, cake picks, cosmetic bags and more! Check out more soon in the FanMerch flow.

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.52.05 AM

2 Responses to “Seller News and Updates”

  1. denise beverly db visual arts Says:

    all of my insignia products were rejected. it was a sizable number. they are not anywhere to be found, were not returned for resubmission with changes etc. are they lost forever? will you be able to restore these products if they were rejected? some of my products made it through and i have already seen a sale, but i do hate to have lost so many products.

  2. coolmates Says:

    Thanks, love your website

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