Artists’ Series: Go Big, Go Bright, Go Floral


Nothing says spring like flowers in bloom. As nature blossoms around you, what better way to bring the beauty of flowers indoors than with timeless art on your walls?

We have hundreds of posters and wrapped canvases to choose from — spanning eras and movements and countries — that burst with flowers. Among the masterful still lifes in our roster is van Gogh’s classic Sunflowers (1888):

Sunflowers, 1888 poster
Sunflowers, 1888 poster by bridgemanart

The rich color and texture lend the wilted flowers a surprising beauty, in harmony with the vase, table and wall.

Rachel Ruysch’s dramatic Still Life of Roses, Lilies, Tulips (1704) fills the canvas with dozens of flowers of varying colors and types:

Still life of roses lilies, tulips posters
Still life of roses lilies, tulips posters by bridgemanart

The bright light gives them a grandeur in a background of black. Note also that Ruysch was one of just three prominent female painters in the Dutch Golden Age, in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Belgian Pierre-Joseph Redouté, known as “the Raphael of flowers,” painted watercolors of flowers such as Vase of Flowers:

Vase of Flowers Print
Vase of Flowers Print by bridgemanart

The pleasant pink of the flowers blends easily in a home or office, allergy-free, and will last for years.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our artists’ series, and that it’s given you ideas and inspiration to add a little pizzazz to your surroundings.

One Response to “Artists’ Series: Go Big, Go Bright, Go Floral”

  1. joann Says:

    Only one artist work shown out of thousands?

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